Travel mugs come in a few major types. There are the more decorative ceramic travel mug styles and the more rugged or functional styles. Most of the best travel mugs are made of stainless steel or some other metal which makes them more durable. A stainless steel mug is much better suited to people who need to protect their mug from damage. Vice-versa many people really don't need much in the area toughness and design is more important. For people like these a ceramic travel mug may be a better choice.

What Is A Ceramic Travel Mug?

Wide Base Ceramic Coffee Mug(46475)A ceramic travel mug is really more like a traditional coffee mug that is used around the house. The only major difference is the style and form the ceramic mug comes in. The best ceramic travel mugs are usually shaped more like a travel mug in that they are often taller so that they can hold a larger portion of beverage or they are wider at the bottom to both hold more and to make them sturdier.

Because ceramic mugs are less durable if one were to tip over there would be a higher likelihood that it could chip or break which is why ceramic travel mugs often are designed to be shorter and wider at the bottom giving them a lower center of gravity and less of a chance to tip over and break.

Ceramic travel mugs can come with silicone or rubberized lids making them more like a standard travel mug. A quality stainless steel travel mug is far less likely to break or leak than a ceramic mug with a silicone lid but they will typically cost more anyway and won't have the ceramic look to them. If you really want a true no spill coffee mug then you really need to consider buying a top of the line stainless steel mug with rubberized pressure sealed or silicone sealed cap but like most shoppers for ceramic mugs this is usually less important.

Most ceramic travel mugs are purchased by people wanting a fancy mug for use around the house or office. You could theoretically take a ceramic coffee mug out with you around the town or on a drive but you would be more at risk for leaks in the lid and accidents where your ceramic coffee cup could get chipped, cracked, or broken.

Should you buy a ceramic coffee cup versus a stainless steel mug? If you are going to be actually traveling then a stainless steel thermal travel mug is probably best otherwise finding a quality wide base ceramic mug with a properly fitting silicone or rubberized lid may be your best bet. Ceramic mugs can come in many different styles but they are usually less expensive than the top of the line stainless steel mugs so that is a perk in and of itself.