Shopping for wide calf boots for women doesn’t have to be difficult.  Since boots have become a fashion statement in the last few years, designers have create chic and trendy styling in a boot that is comfortable to wear as well as great to look at.

But what happens if you not only have wide calves but need a plus size boot too!

After seeing a friend of mind only wearing her dressy boots with her jeans over top,  because the zipper on the side wouldn’t go all the way up due to her larger calves, I was determined to help her find better boots that fit as well as some for myself!

She loved shoes, boots and sandals and had a closet full of them.  But when it came to shopping for boots she just assumed you got what you saw in the shoe store and that was it.  She is a plus size girl that dresses in style, but just couldn’t find nice looking boots to fit her calves or the sizes she needed as she needed a plus size boot.

I personally walk a lot and have formed muscular calves and even though I don’t have big calves I find that many styles of boots have been created for skinny calves and smaller feet, and there is nothing more uncomfortable than tight boots!

So, I set out to find extra wide calf boots for women that didn’t look utilitarian or look like men’s boots.  I wanted to find something feminine and yet sexy and comfortable that would look great with any outfit.  I was not willing to purchase boots without being able to do the sides up like my friend!

Wide Calf Plus Size Boots by Jessica London

These boots are beautiful and look great with any outfit from straight leg jeans to skirts and dresses.  They look like suede, are easy to clean and have a great rubber sole and have a low rise heel (perfect for me).   The best part is that the calf width is already wide at 17” and can expand further to 20” making these very comfortable boots especially if you don’t want a heel. 

You just order your regular size, which by the way goes all the way to a size 12 for the larger foot as well as extra width sizes for the wider foot as well.  You can get this style in different colours too.

Comfortview Randi Wide-Calf Leather Boots Cognac,8 1/2 M
Amazon Price: $73.14 Buy Now
(price as of May 7, 2013)

Wide Calf Leather Boots by Jessica London

Jessica London carries a gorgeous line of fashion in the plus size clothing line, and therefore knows what a women needs when she is looking for a wider calf boot or larger sizes.

This boot is your traditional leather with a cushioned insole so you can wear them all day in comfort.  The calves are wider on these boots and therefore you will be able to take them on and off with ease.  There is a 1 ½ inch block heel that makes these comfortable to wear especially if you are looking for a bit of height but not too much.

It is nice to find a good looking boot that does not cut off your circulation or pinch.  These boots look great with any outfit and have leather tabs at the top for easy pull on and come in sizes up to 12 with extra width sizes available too.

So if you are in need of a plus size boot as well as a wide calf product, then check these designs out.

Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women

If you walk a lot especially in the rain, then instead of borrowing your brothers larger black rubber boots, why not check out some of the trendy styles that are available?  You can still look fashionable even in the rain!

These cute and sexy rain boots are bright and colourful, and have a double gusset to keep your feet dry even in those big puddles and fits up to 20 inch calves with comfort.  These patterned rubber boots are the latest in a fashion trend that is geared towards making even utilitarian boots cute!  You could take a colour from these rain boots and get yourself a cute rain coat to go with the outfit.

Sexy Wide Calf Platform Dress Boots

If you want something a bit sexier for heading out and also love the idea of a platform boot that will show off your legs, then check out these black patent babies.  They are shiny, have an interior side zipper so you don’t have to lace them up each time you put them on.

These are a taller knee height boot that will add some height (if that is what you are looking for)

They are designed for the wider calf and also the plus size girl who needs up to a size 12 and extra width in the feet as well.

Plus Size Boots for Big Calves

So if you happen to be a larger sized foot as well as wider calves and thought there was no way you could get sexy, trendy and chic looking boots then you need to check online.  Designers have created all kinds of wonderful styles for the boot lover.

Boots are really in fashion right now and can be dressed up or dressed down and worn to match any outfit.  Whether you need them to keep you dry in the rain or snow or whether you simply want them as an accessory to an outfit, you should check out online and you will be amazed at what you can find.

So, if you are tired of going from shoe store to shoe store looking for extra wide calf boots to fit as well as larger or plus sizes then check out some of these online styles and you will find something that suits you and will feel great to wear. 

You can add great accessories to any outfit and boots make the perfect accessory along with a great purse.  Maybe that will be next?