In the past years, women's boots were somewhat limited in design, yet they were still fashionable to wear. Nowadays, woman have the opportunity to choose among a variety of boots that match their preferences. It is not uncommon for a woman to purchase boot styles which can be worn during fall or winter.

wide calf leather riding boots women

However, many woman find it difficult to find boots that fit properly, because the size of their calves are slightly larger than the average woman. To address this problem, boot manufacturers have developed wide calf riding boots that conform to larger calve sizes and shapes.

When it comes to wide calf riding boots, women can choose among various styles, colors and materials offered by these boot manufacturers. There are those which have very traditional English designs, while some are already westernized. Women can go for boots that are made from heavy-duty cloth, canvas, other man-made materials or natural leather.

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wide calf riding boots

Some of these boots, which can be seen in wide calf leather plus size boots, are designed with elegance that are perfectly suited for formal attire, while others are made to match both casual and formal dresses. Several of these boot manufacturers are also known for creating stylish options that can be customized to look very unique. The use of ankle straps and buckles are common to some brands while others use the lace up or zip-up fasteners.

Typically, wide calf riding boots will come up to an area on the leg that is slightly below the knee. Depending on the manufacturers that produce them, their heights vary between 12 and 14 inches. The boots generally have their tops either squared off or tapered to the back, which make them look good when paired with leggings or skirts.

wide calf leather riding bootsThese boots are one of the most versatile types of everyday footwear available to women. A woman can dress them up, mix and match fashions, wearing a variety of styles, and still look gorgeous. However, if a woman decides to play it safe in her choice of fashion, then she can wear black boots with moderate high heels.

Women with wider calves can either choose wide calf riding boots or the extra wide calf boot types. Whatever type of boot she decides to choose, they should make sure that the footwear gives them the best level of comfort.

When looking for comfortable wide calf riding boots, one of the best choices is a style that includes elastic panels that expand to allow for extra calf space. These elastic panels will comfortably cling to the calf area and give the women an equestrian look that should be clean and classic. Considering the variety of styles, colors and materials of wide calf riding and naturalizer boots, many woman have several pairs to match style choice - regardless of whether it's formal or casual wear.