The Only Guide On Wide Shaft Boots You Will Ever Need

Boots have been part of fashion for centuries, fading in and out of prominence throughout the decades. Now, boots of many styles have once come back into popular fashion over the past several years. For the past few years they have been a go-to cold weather fashion staple and are an essential part of women’s fashion.

The Case For Wide Shaft Boots

Naturalizer Women's Ilaz Wide Shaft BootNevertheless, many of the most stylish boots are tall, covering the lower leg with a skinny fit. However, this poses a problem for many women— these boots simply don’t fit. Both plus size and muscular women have a hard time finding wide boots that fit their calves. So, what can a woman with thicker legs do?

Fortunately, boots today come in many shapes and sizes. Their widespread popularity has spurred boot manufacturers to design wide shaft boots for those wearers with thicker calves. After all, people should never attempt to wear things that are too tight or too small for them, as they can develop numbness or circulatory problems. Besides, who really wants to wear footwear that is too tight anyway? It would just be plain uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Pair of Boots

If you want to get good quality wide shaft boots that will not only fit well but last for a long time, it is a good idea to measure your feet and calves accurately to know exactly what sized boots you are looking for. Many footwear stores even have someone on hand who will do these measurements for you, if you are worried about any inaccuracies that may occur by doing it yourself. And yes, you can have your calves measured as well.

Another good measure to take is to wear the pants or jeans that you’ll be wearing most often with your boots to the store. If you wish to wear your boots with tights and a skirt, you may want to bring those items as well. Some of the more upscale footwear stores even have areas where you can change your outfit as you try on different boots and shoes.

Shopping Online for Wide Shaft Boots

Nine West Women's Devendra Knee-High BootThat being said, do not be afraid to venture online to look for good wide shaft boots, as many online boot retailers, designers and general footwear sellers have a plethora of wide width boots at great prices, including sales year round (conversely, stores tend to only have boot and wide shaft boot sales at certain times of the year and during specific seasons).

There are many great online shoe and boot retailers (and some general clothing ones, like Lane Bryant) that provide a wide selection of very stylish and durable wide shaft boots. Naturalizer is one of these. Both a boot retailer and a brand, Naturalizer frequently uploads listings of wide calfs boots in many colors and styles. Additionally, Naturalizer shoes are known for their quality and long-lasting potential, and their wide shaft boots are no exception.

Now, if and when you do shop online for wide shaft boots, just be sure to read each online posting very carefully, making sure that the boot description says “wide calf” or “wide shaft”. Additionally, you will want to see if the online postings have measurements available, in which case you’ll want to make sure that the circumference of the actual boot shaft is around 15 inches or more (the definition of a wide shaft boot).

The one thing to never, ever do while shopping online is to make the assumption that the boot is a wide width or wide shaft boot based solely on the posting’s photo. Of course, another good thing to do before searching for boots online (or in stores for that matter) is to research reviews from both consumers and designers of different manufacturers and brands in order to find out exactly what you are looking for. This will make your quest for wide shaft boots go a lot more smoothly and will save you a lot of time.

Sometimes Boots Can Be Stretched to Fit Better

Now, if you already have boots that you like that, for whatever reason, you no longer fit into, an experienced shoemaker may be able to stretch a leather boot an inch or two for added comfort. That being said, don’t ever buy a pair of boots that do not get up over your calf muscles in hopes of a shoemaker or cobbler making them fit properly. They will only really be able to do this if the boot is tight but can nevertheless be zipped up either all of the way or most of the way. Remember that it is always better to buy wide shaft boots that fit properly in the first place (and that really is good advice for any clothing item).

Extra Wide Shaft Boots Are Also an Option

Depending on personal measurements, some women may need to seek out not just wide shaft boots but extra wide shaft boots. These are boots that are upwards of 20 inches in circumference. Since demand is not necessarily as high for these, they may be slightly more challenging to find than regular wide shaft boots, but they are nevertheless available. Again, be sure to read the circumference measurements for each boot, especially when browsing through online retailers.

A Few Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, boots come in many different styles. These include winter boots, rain boots, casual boots, dress boots and more. Wide shaft dress boots are especially easy to find these days, as they are popular for many occasions— including date night, school functions and at the office. Many dress boots are also made of dark leather, and wide shaft leather boots are also very widespread. Finding wide shaft rain boots is also fairly easy, as it rains throughout the year and during all seasons in most parts of the United States.

Depending on your personal preferences and where you live, retailers near you may even supply wide shaft cowboy boots. If you want these but are in an area where cowboy boots are not as popular, there are many cowboy boots sold online, and most online retailers based in the United States will ship anywhere in the nation. Many even ship to nearby countries.