Wigs for Black Women

 Wigs have become a popular part of the wardrobe of many American women, including African Americans. Although they have been around for centuries, in the past 50 years they have become popular with the general public. The discovery of synthetic materials has made it possible to find ones that are not only attractive, but also affordable for almost everyone.

Elegant hairpieces are now available to the public in every city and large community in the United States from a variety of retailers, including specialty shops and some hair salons. They are great to have on a trip or for an "emergency," when you just don't have time to completely style your own hair the way you like it. They are also a lovely way to dress up your appearance. You can wear your natural hair to work during the day, and put on an elegant hairpiece in the evening when you want a quick and easy, but more sophisticated look.  Many actresses and celebrities also wear them either to alter their appearance for a performance or to enhance their own locks when they want to look glamourous.

Wigs for African American WomenCredit: http://www.amazon.com/M4U-Womens-Natural-Curly-Short/dp/B00K5K57KS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1409533381&sr=8-2&keywords=human+hair+wigs+for+african+american+women

Online Retailers of Wigs

Nearly all the major websites that sell wigs, also have a selection of styles that are designed specifically to meet the needs of African American women.   One of the most popular online retailers in the world, Amazon, also has a large selection available at exceptional prices.  If you want to see what they have available, use this direct link to wigs for African American women from Amazon.com.

Another example of an online retailer you may want to check out is the Wig Warehouse at wigwarehouse.com, which offers a variety of hairpieces for both men and women of all races, including black women.

There are also several websites that specialize in providing hairpieces exclusively for African American women. One of these is africanamericanwigs.net. They sell a wide variety of styles, including half wigs, front lace wigs, hairpieces, synthetic ones, and elegant styles made from human hair. They promote themselves as being a discount retailer. This gives you a good opportunity to compare their prices to the price being asked at your local shop or on Amazon.  Choose the style and brand that you want and check the price on several websites.

Another site that specializes in hairpieces for African American women is Especially Yours. This company offers not only a wide selection of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions, but also clothing, including church suits. Especially Yours is considered one of the leading retailers of hair pieces for black women. They sell both quick and easy synthetic hair, as well as human hair wigs that you can style any way you want. In looking through their website, I have seen attractive hairpieces that range in price from $29 to $79. Again, you can use their site as an opportunity for comparison shopping.

Medical Wigs for African American Women

Having a fun new hairstyle is not the only reason that women buy hairpieces. Did you know that more than half of all men and women in the United States will experience hair loss at some time in their lives? Often it is caused by medical problems, such as chemotherapy and alopecia. These medical problems frequently require special wigs that are designed to be especially comfortable on your sensitive skin. The companies listed above also handle medical wigs that are designed specifically for African American Women. However, if you have a medical reason for purchasing a one, you may also want to be sure and read either the article, "Medical Wigs For Sale" or "Best Wigs For Cancer Patients." Both of these articles will give you additional tips on finding an assortment of hairpieces and other headcovers when you are suffering from hair loss caused by medical problems or cancer treatments.

Wig Accessories

When choosing your wig, you may also want to consider buying a few items that make it easier for you to wear and care for it. For example, you may want to purchase a styling kit, special hair pins, or shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel. Buying the right accessories can extend the life and comfort of your new hairpiece. Nearly all the websites that sell wigs can also provide you with these accessories.  Again, you will also want to check out the accessories that are for sale on Amazon and compare the prices. 

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Here's One Example of What is Available from Amazon

SK-DEMI (Motown Tress) - Synthetic Full Wig in 4F30
Amazon Price: $46.50 $32.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 20, 2015)
This is one example of what Amazon has to offer. If you want to see more choices, simply click on the blue product name, above, and you will be taken directly to the Amazon site where you can enter your search criteria in their box.