As a kid I remember growing up with a NES, and more memorably a SNES. A few of my favorite games were definitely included the Mario titles - Super Mario World in particular. A very enjoyable game for all, I recall playing this with family members, making it extra special to me.

Years later, being all grown up, I became interested in playing retro games that I had enjoyed as a kid. I scored a SNES off of a friend, bought a few extra components from a pawn shop, and I had purchased Super Mario World to go with it. When I arrived back home, I set it up with great haste, only to discover that something was broken. I was crushed.

A few years later, I bought a Nintendo Wii. Learning that I would be able to play classic games on it was absolutely one of my top reasons for purchasing it.

I purchased and downloaded Super Mario World for the virtual console, but it requires a Classic (wii) controller, or a Gamecube controller. First of all - the Gamecube controller is awful for playing Super Mario World. I can't say that enough, the buttons are backwards and uncomfortable. I decided to also buy a Classic controller (works like a dream.) The playstyle is exactly the same as I remember.

They haven't changed anything, it's still the same old Super Mario World that I had enjoyed as a kid. Which I was thrilled with. The only problem is that the game was so easily beatable, and a lot shorter than I remember. Even with all the bonus levels, and secrets to unlock, it seemed short. But for a mere 800 Wii points, this is definately a must-have to all retro gamers. The replayability is endless, and it doesn't take up many memory blocks.

See video for actual Wii Gameplay: