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The complete wii drum replacement parts kit is composed of five drum pads including a high-hat, pedal drum pads and cymbal, which are held together by a stand for efficiency. The drum pads are pressure sensitive and respond to produce the sound when hit by the drumstick.  These parts need to be functional in order for the entire system to function effectively, if one of the components of the wii drum is broken, if one of the parts is broken it should be replaced.

The wii drum replacement parts kit can get a variety of replacements depending with the company that is providing the parts. These companies offer a variety of pads including the molded plastic array and metal drum racks. You should be familiar with the parts of the wii drum to be able to select good replacements.

Drum pads


 When selecting the Wii pads you should consider the pads, which have a good sensitivity in velocity. The pad should have a playing surface that produces the least noise among variety of controllers available.  The rebound of the drumstick should be consistent and feel more natural than mechanical.

 Efficient wii drum pads housing should be made of high impact plastic that will allow the pad to withstand continuous use for a long time without being wrecked. A metal arm is recommended with an L-Arm and a cramp system to mount the pad to the drum rack. These will give the pads the ability to be manipulated: tilted, raised, swiveled and lowered to different positions that you desire. Most of the available mounting arms are plastic and once broken could be replaced with metal arms that last longer.    


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The cymbals are designed to produce a high pitch sounds usually like a crash. Cymbals can be integrated in different parts of the song like enhancing the chorus or at high crash finish to end the song. These means that you should chose a set that suits your preference. Having cymbals that can be placed anywhere around the drum kit would be great.

The drum set comes with one, two or three cymbals with mounting hardware. Some come with an extra cymbal as an optional accessory. These would be of greater advantage than the regular sets. These sets have deference in their design so you should be aware of the differences to be able to choose the replacements that are compatible with your original set.

Drum Pedal

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The drum pedals are used aggressively and frequently in all kind of song play. Due to heavy usage the pedals spoil quickly so you should chose the pedals that look strong or metallic enough to withstand the heavy usage.

A good pedal will have enough tension to be able to replicate the feeling of using a real drum pedal. Other regular drum pedals will feel like animated sounds from the speakers. You should that be able to tell the sounds produced by certain pedals so that you can make a good choice when replacing the old or broken parts.


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When searching for a drumstick replacement you should consider the type of wood used to make the stick. There three types of wood that is used in making of the drumstick. Lighter wood like Maple has a lighter weight thus very flexible. When using Maple you will feel less hit in your arm as it is an excellent energy absorber.

Hickory is also a great well-rounded wood with good energy absorption and flexibility that makes it great for a drumstick. Oak trees sticks are poor energy absorbers producing a vibration effect on your hand when you hit the drum; the stick however is hard to break than most types of drumsticks. If the kind of tree used to make the stick is not stated it is advisable that you do not chose the particular stick as it may be a blended wood and does not pass the standards.

The stick could also be made of rubber. Rubber gives a good grip on the drumstick making it efficient to use in a continuous period without getting tired. The rubber sticks are more popular for wii set than the wooden stick or plastic ones.

 After choosing the right kind of wood, you should consider the kind of tip that the drumstick has.  There are two major types of tips: Wood and Nylon. Wooden tips are most popular for they produce great results when used. The disadvantage of using the wooden tip is the fact that they chip after being used for a certain period.

The Nylon tips are great to use on the cymbals and give a better rebound from the stick that the wooden or plastic tip. The nylon tip has a disadvantage in that it may for off in the middle of a song when playing. For the wii drum set the nylon are better as the wooden tips may splinter and damage the pads of your drum. The nylon tip is also more durable.

When replacing a drumstick you will find a variety of funky drumsticks to choose. These funky designs are meant to increase the longevity or the grip of your stick. Rubber sticks are becoming popular for this reason and are very promising, in terms of durability and replacement sleeves when broken. These sticks are however very costly with increasing in the complexity of design and rubber.

The funky sticks have more disadvantages as there rim shorts are weaker on the snare than the wooden. The colored sticks have a tendency of making marks on the cymbals making them distorting the original design.


When choosing components for your wii drum replacement parts kit, it is advisable to look for the wireless devices, as they are easier to install than the wired devices; which may need manuals or an instructor on how to locate, replace correctly. Always remember when buying replacements for your wii drum to look for genuine material that may last longer other than look for cheap parts that will kip your hand in your pocket trying to purchase for new instruments. The wii drum replacement parts are usually available for purchase online with a delivery of about three days.