1. The exercises are fun!
2. You have to work towards opening up new levels and workout options - they don't give it all away!
3. The exercises are challenging for every fitness level.
4. You can really see your progress in your balance, weight, BMI.
5. It is motivating.
6. The voice that tells you that it's measuring your balance and weight is SO cute. (Okay, that's not really a pro, but I just love that little voice.)
7. If you don't like to leave your home, this is probably a good workout tool for you!


1. You have to wait through the intros and outros to every yoga, strength, balance and aerobics exercise, which can get a little annoying when you've heard them over and over.
2. You can't create a personal workout.
3. After a while, even if you really enjoy the exercises, I can see how someone might want something different.
4. Some of the strength and yoga exercises need deeper explanations especially for those who are new to them.
5. If you are motivated to work out by being around people, Wii Fit is probably not for you.

Full Review

As Wii Fit boxes flew off the shelves this past holiday season we all looked to the new year as a leaner one. But are all the Wii Fit fanatics just leaner in the wallet?

Well, in this economy, probably. But we can't blame that on Nintendo.

My Wii Fit was a Christmas gift. It fits into my lifestyle: I don't leave my home. So Christmas morning I fire up the Wii, my two children behind me, vibrating with excitement. They're actually more interested in Mario Kart, but they're just thrilled that the television is being turned on before 9 a.m. so they watch me set up.

I "played" on Wii Fit for 6 hours. My daughters and I competed for the longest hulahoop contest, tried desperately to do headers with soccer balls, while missing cleats and panda bear heads that were also being tossed, and tried to outlast each others plank stances.

It was embarrassingly fun.

Well, until I woke up the next morning.

I thought someone must have kicked me in my sleep. For eight hours straight. I was sore. But I have to say, the soreness didn't stop me. I spent the same amount of time on it the next day. Still embarrassingly fun.

There are four different areas to choose from: Yoga, Strength, Aerobics and Balance. The Yoga postures are challenging. Maybe not for a yoga master, but for anyone who doesn't attend classes every week, these are great. The strength exercises are also good. As you continue to improve, more repetitions are added. I felt as if the Aerobic exercises could be more challenging. The hulahoop is fun and really works your core. The step aeorbics, in my opinion, is not a workout, but it does train your sense of timing. There are also running challenges at different lengths, but don't over do it or you'll fall on your Mii face.

Overall, I've used Wii Fit almost every day since Christmas. I used to do all of the workouts, but I have to say that the repetitive introductions and outros to the exercises are a bit frustrating after a while. I think what would help Wii Fit tremendously would be to have a section where you could build your own workout and move through it seamlessly.

What I do like about it is that you really do see, after time and practice, improvement. I am much more aware of my posture and balance. I am able to feel the tiny shifts of movement that I make while in stillness. Right now, my balance is good. But as I age, I can see how this can be really important. Falling is one of the biggest concern for older Americans. Challenging our bodies with exercise and balance reduces our chances of falling and damaging our bodies as we age.

The cool thing about the practice of balancing on the Wii is how much your mind plays in creating strong balance. When I really picture myself still, or being pulled up by an imaginary string at the top of my head, my balance scores are always much higher. When my mind is scattered and I'm not centered in my mind, my balance scores stink.

In Closing

Overall, Wii Fit has been entertaining and has helped me tone up areas that I've wanted to tone. In our house, it will be used. If you can be motivated on your own (without real people pushing you) and feel challenged by trying to better your previous scores, and you're okay with a limited amount of aerobics options, Wii Fit might be for you.

But if you're motivated by being accountable to a real person with weights, aerobic training, and new creative "games" in every workout, Wii Fit might become a dust collector in your home.

For me, it's a pretty good fit, but there's room for improvement. But, I am just hard headed and competitive enough to never let the dust settle.