Have you recently purchased a Nintendo Wii console and now you are looking for the right games to play on it. Well, depending on what you are looking for in a gaming system there are several excellent games that you can purchase and get some great interactive entertainment from. The Wii Fitness game has been getting raving reviews ever since it was released in 2007. It is the second most sold video game in history with sales of over 22.5 million copies sold as of this writing. There are several Wii Fit accessories to go along with this popular fitness video game that make it even more fun and enjoyable.

One of the accessories for Wii fit that you will definitely want to have is the balance board. The balance board is shaped like a household bathroom scale and is powered by 4 AA batteries. One set of batteries should be enough to power the Wii balance board for sixty hours. The board has Bluetooth and also has several pressure sensors that will measure your body's center of balance and is more accurate when it comes to measuring your weight than a set of bathroom scales.

Since the battery life of the 4 AA batteries that the Wii fit uses is only 60 hours and could become quiet costly to replace all of the time you may want to think about purchasing a power pack. This is one of the Wii accessories for the Fit that you will not want to be without. You will be able to provide up to 20 hours of battery power to your balance board at a time, and then put your power pack back on charge so that you will be able to get more fun and enjoyment out of your Wii fit game the next time.

There are several different sleeves for your Wii fit balance board that you may want to consider purchasing. This is one of the attractive accessories for Wii Fit that a lot of people purchase. The reason they are so popular is because they come in a variety of colors and styles. Not only that, but they help to reduce impact and increases the amount of traction that you will have when you are enjoying your workout.

Another one of the Wii Fit accessories that you may want to think about if you want to gain more traction is a Wii Fit Mat. This is a mat that you can place under your Wii balance board to ensure that the balance board does not move when you are doing your exercises on it. You will be able to find a wide variety of color and style with these mats, and will find them very helpful once you start using them.

If you are going to be transporting your Wii Fit around to a friend or relative's home then you may want to search the accessories for Wii Fit and find a Fit Backpack that is made especially for those who travel around and need a safe way to transport their Wii fit balance board.

Some other Wii Fit accessories that you may consider purchasing once you start using it and getting into a daily routine with your workout regimen include sweat bands, wrist straps, and anti-slip socks. These are things that you may typically use when you are doing other types of exercises that do not involve the Nintendo Wii, but are very helpful to have when you are working out with the Wii Fit as well.

There is a Wii Fit Workout Kit that you may be interested in purchasing if you are someone who wants to get the most out of your Wii Fit. The workout kit includes all of the accessories for Wii Fit that you will want to get your hands on. When you purchase this kit you will get a non skid workout mat, one rechargeable battery pack and charging cable, 2 dumbbells weighing 2 pounds each, a workout towel, two wristbands, and one water bottle. All of these things combined with the workout that the video game gives you will provide a strenuous interactive experience that you and your body will love.

There are several accessories for Wii Fit that are already available, and we are sure to see many more in the future. As this video game grows larger and larger the potential for newer and better accessories for Wii Fit will grow as well. If you want to get a great workout without having to pay for an expensive gym membership or having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment that takes up a lot of room around your home then you will want to think about purchasing a Wii fit for your Nintendo console. You will get the best workout without paying a lot out of pocket or being inconvenienced in any way.