In the ever diversifying market for gaming, Nintendo Wii has introduced a series of Wii games for grandparents. While each person has slightly different tastes and different levels of activity and fitness there are some games emerging as clear winners among the older gaming community.

The first of these are a variety of activities around the Wii Fit series, especially games done with the balance board. The Wii Fit series boasts a variety of exercises from yoga to aerobics to modern dance. Many of the exercise routines are geared for balance and are low impact meaning they don't aggravate the joints as much.

Along the same vein as the Wii Fit games are the Wii Sport games. The two emerging favorites among the older adult community are Tennis and Bowling. Others like select games from Wii Play, such as Table Tennis or Billiards. Figuring out which games your parents or grandparents would like is about learning what they still enjoy or learning about what they used to enjoy and translating it into a game platform.

Another popular game among grandparents and their grandchildren is Mario Kart. Mario Kart takes characters from the series and pits them in races on a series of race tracks at varying degrees of difficulty. The graphics aren't irritating, the basic controls are easy enough to master, and it's bound to bring out the competitive edge in any child or adult, making it an older person friendly Wii game.

Another family winner is Mario Party 8, the newest of the Mario Party series. Unlike previous editions that played out like a console version of Monopoly, the new game features 65 mini-games in which to battle it out. Controls are simple enough to learn but some can find the game a little tedious or too repetitive.

The ideas for Wii games you can buy for your grandparents are endless. The above mentioned games have been found to be the most common favorites from kids to parents to grandparents, but finding the games people like is to take their own preferences in mind. Some older adults might also enjoy games simulating what they can no longer do in the real world, such as Cabela's Big Game Hunter. Whether your grandparents are retired and looking for something to pass the time or if they just want something enjoyable to bond with the grandkids there are plenty of Wii games for grandparents they are bound to enjoy.