Current selections of Wii motion plus accessories include items ranging from sports equipment to guns to Frisbees and the whole gamult inbetween. Wii Motion Plus accessories are attached to the Wii remotes, and give extra control and precision to the user. Each movement made by the player's hand or wrist is copied to almost the exact same degree on the television or screen. This makes the games seem even more realistic and definitely adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Adding to the enjoyment of using Wii motion Plus accessories, they are shaped like the objects they are imitating. So, if your game calls for you to use a handgun, the Wii motion plus accessory you use to play the game will look just like a small, miniature handgun. While they can be used with most Wii games, to get the most enjoyment from using them it is recommended that you play games specifically designed for them.

Wii Motion Plus AccessoriesSome of the more favourite attachments bought are the Wii Motion Plus Sports attachments. You can pick these up almost anywhere online, for quite reasonable prices. While most of them are sold as individual items, there are also sets of these sports attachments sold as well, and you can save a bit of money by buying the set you will be using all of the attachments.

For those who love to play the Wii tennis games, the Wii Trustmaster Motion Plus Tennis Duo pack could be just right for you. Currently retailing for under $20, the pack contains two tennis rackets. The rackets are compatible with all Wii tennis games but they definitely perform to perfection when used to play a Wii Motion plus tennis game, such as Grand Slam Tennis. When using these rackets to play a Wii Motion Plus tennis game, players will be able to slam, dunk and drop the ball over the net with as much precision as if they were playing a real tennis game.

If racing games are your thing, then you should check out the Wii Motion Plus Racing Wheel. As with the many Wii Motion plus games, the wheel is so finely tuned that turning it a fraction will result in dramatic on-screen results. Fortunately the wheel works fine with all Wii games, though if you really want to put it through its paces you should try it with a Wii Motion Plus compatible game. This retails for a respectable $11.50.

You can currently buy a few different Wii Motion Plus handguns online, though prices range anywhere from $20 on upwards, depending on the type of guy you buy. You will be able to more accurately point and shoot with this gun than with a regular Wii handgun, which is a plus for any who play Wii games that involve shooting.

The Wii Sports Resort 8 in 1 Sports Pack is the perfect accessory to anyone playing the Wii Sports Resort game. It includes all the items needed to play the different games included in the Sports Pack, again with each item a true, perfect little miniature of the original item. There are eight accessories included in the pack; a golf club, a racket to be used to play the table tennis game, a bow for the archery game and of course swords, to name just a few of the accessories.

Anyone who enjoys playing Wii games will be thrilled with the quality and the control gained over objects when using Wii Motion Plus Accessories. They really are worth checking out, if you have not already done so.