The Wii Motion Plus is the new attachment that enhances the Nintendo Wii game experience. Only games displaying the Wii Motion Plus logo will use the software designed to be the next step in virtual reality game play. Here are some descriptions of some of Wii Motion Plus Games that have already been released.

The Wii Sports Resort game pack has twelve different games. Well-known games like basketball, table tennis, bowling, and golf are expected to be included. Canoeing, cycling, wake boarding, and Frisbee are not all expected but definitely welcomed. MMO players can practice their sword fighting; power cruising, air sports and archery without loosing a body part. All of the games are sport competitions but they all require the same dexterity and skill of the real thing.

Wii Motion Plus GameRed Steel 2 is not appropriate for small children. All of the members of the Protectors have been killed by the members of the Jackels except one. The Swordsman is the lone survivor and is the main character. The game is set in a state-of-the-art city surrounded by desert. The Swordsman uses guns and swords as he seeks payback and attempts to solve puzzles.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the game for golfers. The Wii Motion Plus precisely relays information concerning the player's golf techniques to construct as realistic a game as possible. This game will advance real life sports competition by giving players realistic feedback on their movements. In the game version, players can compete with Tiger Woods for the PGA championship.

Grand Slam Tennis is the only game endorsed by Wimbledon. Only a select few tennis stars have had the skills to complete the real Grand Slam. This game lets the rest of the world try it. John McEnroe is necessary for any decent tennis game and Grand Slam Tennis acknowledges his greatness with appearances as both a tennis player and commentator. Other stars to challenge include Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Chris Everett to name just a few. There are also tennis party games to enjoy that follow the Tennis Academy style. As with many of the games, you can also get Wii Motion Plus Bundles with this game which includes the accessory and the game.

Academy Of Champions is for soccer players. The legendary Pele coaches for the Academy to improve skills and build a team that will win the Champion Cup. The scenes are fantasy based with cartoon like characters and include a story line. This group game builds soccer skills and teamwork.

Span Smasher is an intelligent bouncing ball that the player swats around the screen. The goal is to aim at barriers and knock them down. The game scene takes place on a fantasy island that is threatened by an enemy. Not much thinking required but lots of movement. This is a great game for toddlers to burn off some energy and improve their eye/hand coordination.

Gladiator A.D. glorifies the bloody violence of the ancient Roman Gladiators. The player works through a series of competitions to destroy the opponent and stay alive and whole themselves. Each character is given a story line to make them interesting and the prize for winning includes fame, fortune and your next breath. There are also some characters that can play for their freedom from the slavery to ancient Rome's violent entertainment.