Wikinut is an article writing site where you get paid for people viewing your work. The site does not use google adsense but instead you are paid according to how well the site owners feel your article have done. The site is based in the UK and you are paid in British Sterling.

The site is easy to use. You create articles and follow the step by step instructions for each section of your article. Your article must be approved by a guide or moderator. The review process is usually under 30 minutes. This site is not strict, I submitted 17 articles about photography and all 17 were accepted.

I watched as my articles began to get views. The first few days I got 1 to 10 views. I started getting 20-30 views a day. Finally I started getting 40 to 50 views a day on average. During this time I noticed that I was only getting fractions of a penny each day. I thought maybe it was a dry spell and my earnings would jump up another day. My earnings never increased.

Today I sit with over 17000 views on my articles and less than one British Sterling in my account. This is by far the worst earning on any site I have written for. Most website with 17000 views would have made me a nice chunk of money. The payout is 5 British Sterlins which means at this rate I will be able to do my first cash out in 2015 or 2016 if I am lucky.

The only reason I would ever encourage someone to write for wikinut is to get back links to other article off the site. They seem to get a lot of views without having to promote but they simply do not pay you enough to compensate you for your work. I hope this wikinut review has been helpful and informative. Wikinut will never see another article from me.

My earningsCredit: Jared DavidsonCredit: Jared Davidson