See the Flower

Contemplate the Message

We put in a backyard swimming pool a few years ago.  Included in the landscaping were palm trees of diverse sorts.  The second year after pool construction, a small palm, began to grow apparently straight out of the concrete between the house foundation and decking of the pool.  No dirt could be seen at all in terms of a base for the little guy.  The magical little palm grew to almost three feet tall by year three.  We ascertained that a seed from one of the palms somehow got in the tiny sFlower in the Sidewalkpace between the pieces of concrete.  The tips of the palm were a bit sharp.  It was not in a suitable place and  blocked part of the sidewalk as it grew.  A wayward seed from another carefully placed cousin palm somewhere in the landscaping plan certainly went into the making of the plant.  I have thought long and hard about the power of the young seedling growing where nature said it could not. Surely everyone has at one time or another seen the flower growing wild, seemingly straight out of the asphalt, the stone wall, or between bricks.

Take just a second each morning to think of the wildflowers of the asphalt.  Think of the little plants, whether they are weeds or flowers that sprout up in the concrete against impossible odds.  Let the circumstances of that flower be a reminder of how to go about the day.

First, think perseverance when viewing the little flower, no matter the type.  Its proper place is often miles from where it ends up living its life.  As a seed, it landed where it did by chance, probably carried there by erratic winds, on the wings of an interesting insect, or on the fur of a passing four-legged friend. No matter how it arrived, its landing between cracks in the asphalt no doubt did not give a nurturing environment to grow up. It  flourished and is there, blooming in all its glory.  Some people suggest that their current problems are because of past circumstances thrust upon them. The news is full of defenses in trials blaming destructive behavior on past circumstances, or growing up in a dysfunctional family situation.  Take control of your current life as did the little seed that became the flower in the asphalt. The past is history.  Do not let it be an excuse for a dim future.

Next, allow the bloom remind one  to look up as does the flower.  Take small steps towards your goals each  day.  If that little plant could talk, no doubt it would tell a tale of a scary start upon recognition of its landing spot as a seedling. That little plant no doubt inched up, slowly and surely every day until at last it emerged triumphantly on top of that sidewalk.  Think of the power of that.  Take baby steps, but move forth and upward towards goals every day. Never doubt  sunshine is up ahead.

Then, as another thought on the little plant, let it remind one to think creatively with all that the eyes can see. Avoid just stepping on the flower in the sidewalk cracks with no attention to it.  See the beauty in it.  View the hope.  How many times do we go through daily lives and refuse to see the beauty, both natural and manmade?  Marvel at the height of the skyscraper. Contemplate how someone figured out how to build it!  Wonder at the majestic oak tree or even the little tree that survived a storm when all around it perished.  The person who learns to see the beauty and wonder about the marvel of it all leads the best life.

Oh, not to end on a sad note, but I want to complete the story of the palm tree in the backyard.  It is not a happy ending.  My husband had someone come to work in the yard. He forgot to tell the workers that the big, apparent weed of a palm growing in the wrong spot  was a family member.  Yes, I saw that the plant met with the demise at the hands of the gardeners.  I had tears in my eyes on that one.  It was an honest mistake, and frankly, now we can walk easier down that sidewalk. Curiosity and a bit of concern for my sanity set in as my husband sensed my feelings on the plant's unfortunate ending.  It was just that it symbolized something to me.  I never round that corner of the house that I do not think of that little plant and all it stood for.

Think one more thought when encountering the flower growing wild in the asphalt.  Sometimes that flower is trampled, cut down, or sprayed with insecticide.  It happens.  In life, there will be setbacks.  No doubt people feel stepped on or put down at times.  Let the lessons of the little flower live.  Persevere.  Look up towards the sunshine, inching toward goals. See the beauty in all that surrounds.  Always see wonderment in the wildflowers of the asphalt.