Wilfred Costume
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Wilfred Halloween Costume-An Overview of What to Expect

If you are thinking about dressing up in a Wilfred costume for Halloween 2011 then you have landed on the right page! People everywhere are scrambling trying to find a Wilfred Halloween costume that they can wear to the awesome party they are going to.

Since Wilfred has not been around for very long it is important to take the time to learn about how this costume looks as well as what type of reaction you can expect to get when you show up at the party.

This is not your typical grey dog costume and you will not get the typical response from people when you show up wearing it.

By the time you have finished reading the following information you will know that the Wilfred dog costume is the one you want to wear this Halloween.

What does the Wilfred costume look like?

If you have seen Jason Gann put on the Wilfred costume on the popular FX TV show then you already know what you are going to look like; however, if you have never seen the Australian episodes or the new ones that are being played in the US then you probably have no idea.

The costume itself is a large grey dog suit that has a furry texture to it. The outfit is a one piece jumpsuit type of costume that is easy to put on and take off.

There is also an open face head that goes with the costume that has two floppy dog ears hanging off on either side.

To finish the look of the costume there is black nose paint that goes around the front part of your nose to look like a dog's nose.

Basically, without the Wilfred character being in existence, this costume would look like any ordinary adult dog costume that you have likely seen someone wear before.

Wilfred Costumes Will Be Flying off the Shelves

Will You Buy Your Wilfred Costume Before They Disappear?

Due to the popularity of the Wilfred costume you can expect them to be around for only a few short days before they start disappearing. People are already lined up and are checking daily to see if these costumes are available.

If you are interested in wearing a Wilfred Halloween costume for Halloween then the time to buy one is when you see it. Those who wait until Halloween gets closer will likely miss out on the chance to dress up as America's most popular dog this year.