Will Colleges Look At My Facebook Profile?

Over the college admission process, it isn’t uncommon for many students to formulate the question: “Do Colleges Look At Facebook?”. Contrary as to the some might say, social networking sites including Myspace or Facebook are increasingly being used as an avenue to realize a deeper insight with regards to a person. And, colleges are not any different! Now, let’s discuss a factor that can only BREAK your admission status: unacceptable Facebook substance!

First off and lucky for you personally, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. Not every university admission rep logs on Facebook and dials up the student that they're examining.

Just some food for thought: Many top colleges receive over 25,000 applications every fall…$25,000! Do you imagine they have plenty of time to research every applicant’s Facebook page? Impossible, nevertheless it does happen so you should really ensure that you shield yourself from any unwanted or misunderstood pictures and/or comments going in the hands within your potential college.

A really quick reply to that question “do colleges have a look at facebook” is, yes! However, you do not have to go over to your Facebook account and completely delete it just yet! Let’s focus on a couple of things first, and discover if you wish to “clean your page a bit”…or just remove some content altogether.

Clean Up Your Facebook Before You Apply!

Use Facebook Privacy Settings!
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Just What Are You Hiding?

This can be a first question to ask yourself. Is there something on your Facebook that you wouldn’t let a university admission representative take a look at? How about your parents? Are there pictures along with other comments on your Facebook page (or someone else’s) that you simply wouldn’t let your folks see? If you answered yes, or perhaps had to ponder on any of those questions, then you should fix that content NOW!…as in IMMEDIATELY!

Now, you may be thinking this is “snooping” or a violation within your privacy, but all you do on the web is fair game. Think of it using this method: if you owned a company and happened to stumble upon an applicant’s Facebook page which had lots of pictures of underaged drinking taking place, would you hire that employee to work for you? Of course not. You’ve worked way too hard to strengthen your business to have it connected with anything that could damage your reputation.

It's the same for the colleges. There’s such a thing as Kiplinger’s Top Colleges and US News and World Report’s College Rankings that ultimately rates colleges in different categories. Long story, short: Colleges have what is called a freshman dropout rate and when it climbs to a certain level, they run the risk of adopting a “bad name” and won't get published on any “Best Colleges” list. That means less tuition dollars for the school…bottom line.

What Can I Do To Protect My Admission Status?


The very first thing you should do is remove any photos of you that may be misinterpreted by a person that doesn’t know you, or…a college rep. If you might have anything that Could possibly be questionable, it. It’s far better to be safe, than sorry for getting a denial letter!

Make Your Profile Private!

If you just cannot do without any “questionable” pics, Facebook has something called “Privacy Settings”. Go inside and then make any photos or sections of your profile private to stop any snooping by unwanted eyes. We recommend deleting them entirely, but that which you do with your Facebook is your business. Just remember that whatever you decide and have on cyberspace is in fact permanent and may return to haunt you. Also, you could make your profile private from anybody that isn’t “friends” with you. This will help make it extremely tough for an outsider to evaluate what’s going on your Facebook page.

Educate Your Friends!

Chances are, you will have friends which are also applying to college. Let them understand that you are tidying up your Facebook page and request them to not comment with any off-color statements. Most friends are going to be courteous and respect you. Others will continue to comment inappropriately. You should either delete them, or make it so they cannot post anything on your page.

The final outcome here is that you need to always protect yourself from damaging your image. Social media is extremely popular, and it may be used in a negative manner, although you may may believe it’s just harmless fun. Given the chance, colleges will make use of a website like Facebook for getting an in-depth look at a possible student, so don’t let them have that opportunity! Protect yourself. And as soon as your friends ask the question, “Do colleges Look At Facebook?”, you'll be able to say YES!