Most women don’t need an introduction to cellulite, if they haven’t already got pockets of cellulite on their bodies; they will find them sooner or later in life unfortunately.

But what exactly is cellulite and can drinking water actually help reduce cellulite? Cellulite can quite simply be described as fat tissues found mostly around the back of arms, around the back of legs and around the things, and are easily distinguishable, it’s those wrinkled up looking skin tissues with dimples all over, the dimples are similar to what one would find on a golf ball!.

Water is an essential element in helping cellulite body fat metabolize, but drinking water alone will not get rid of it, a strict diet and exercise will help your body metabolize body fat, and the water will help wash it away. Water in itself will not help reduce body fat or cellulite, the cases where women have reported that drinking water has helped with cellulite reduction is in itself an incorrect notion because all that has happened is that the more intake of water has helped them eat less, feel fuller, lose weight which tightens their skins and shows off less cellulite.

There is no research to prove that water indeed helps with cellulite treatment or removal, but drinking water does help a little, along with massage treatments, leg and arm exercises and body cleansing. Some women have found that drinking water, eating healthy and cellulite burning exercises has helped them in their fight against cellulite reduction.

The five most commonly used proven cellulite removal techniques are:

-          Strict Diets

-          Cellulite Treatment Creams

-          Cellulite Burning Exercises

-          Massage Treatments

-          Body Wraps & Cleansing Treatments

Cellulite affects all women in a different ways; your body hormones are generally the main culprit why one woman would have worse cellulite than others. There is no real science proven answer whether drinking water helps reduce cellulite, but if it really did, here’s the question one should ask oneself, “would so many women spend billions of dollars on plastic surgery, when they could save money by just drinking water”?.