Yes and no. The amount of vegan protein you get from your raw foods will generally have the same amount of vegetable proteins in them than a cooked diet, but there are a couple of advantages that can might translate to bigger gains under some circumstances.

Raw Diet Enzymes

You may find that you feel a bit supercharged on a healthy, balanced raw food diet since you will be adding so much high live-enzyme food to your vegan athlete diet. Overall, you may the amount of micronutrients will often be higher. That being said, raw vegan diet foods and raw vegan supplements might exclude a lot of vegan protein powders and whole food supplements that would otherwise add a complete nutrition element to your diet, as well as make it easier to start the day of with 30g of high quality protein. If you can work out longer and harder and feel better more often, it is logical that this will translate to raw vegan health benefits in the form of muscle gains and improved overall fitness.

Raw Vegan Cleanse

Another possible advantage to the raw vegan diet is that the live food as well as the higher fiber will increase your body’s efficiency at removing waste. This can be a benefit both in terms of food waste, as well as your body’s ability to effectively remove cellular waste and creating the best possible environment for protein synthesis.

Raw Vegan Diet Bloating and Digestion Issues

Any major changes in your diet can cause digestion issues, at least in the short term. The more sudden the change, the more likely it is that you will experience uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn or gastritis, or gas and bloating. After you have eliminated the serious health causes such as a food intolerance like gluten intolerance, then you should focus on whether the change that you made was too sudden for your body to easily adjust to it. You may even experience symptoms similar to IBS for a while if you try to upgrade your lifestyle and diet in one fell swoop. If there is no imminent health issue like gluten or dairy intolerance “forcing” you onto a plant-based or raw diet, really consider consulting with a nutritionist or at least educating yourself well. This means understanding not only the micro and macro-nutrient make-up of the foods you will be adding to your diet, but also how they react in your system and how you tolerate them. Some of this knowledge is best gained by the experience of gradually modifying your diet to become more and more healthy.  

If you are switching from a “standard” vegan diet to a raw diet, you may note that a sudden increase in your fiber intake can result in uncomfortable gastro-intestinal reactions. Generally, if you slowly increase your fiber intake you will avoid this issue. If you are already a vegan body builder and are thinking about switching diets, you may want to consider phasing in the raw diet over a few weeks. Take particular care not to diminish the amount of morning vegan protein that you consume.