Blogging for business or for personal pleasure is a commitment. Your blog is a job. By that I mean blogging will consume your time. Because once you begin to build a readership your readers will come back expecting content.  As you begin the plans for your blog you will need to decide how often you will blog. How often you will provide fresh content for your readers.

This schedule needs to be realistic. Don't create something bigger than you can handle. If you really want to blog, whether it is blogging for business or for pleasure you need content.

Guest Blogging Vs Blogging on Your Own Website
What makes some bloggers choose to allow guest posts while others prefer to be the sole author of their blog? Which of these plans do you want to follow? Lets look at some of the options.

What are some of the advantages of using guest bloggers?

1. Fresh  Free Content-
This is the most obvious advantage. By using guest bloggers you will get a supply of fresh content to your site. And usually it is free to you. The blog owner normally offers the guest blogger the ability to place a link back to their site by way of a byline. This becomes a win-win situation. More content equals more search spiders.

2. Swap Posts-
 This is also a win-win situation with by allowing guest blog posts. You could arrange to swap posts. You allow them to guest post gaining links to their site and in return they allow you to guest post for them gaining links back to your site.

3. Keeps Your Schedule-
You may find yourself becoming busy and your attention isn't on your blog like you had hoped. By scheduling in guest blog posts you can keep your posting schedule and free yourself up for other tasks involved in your business.

4. Ever Heard of A Vacation-
This is a great advantage. You can get so overwhelmed and burned out blogging for business. And simply need a break. A vacation. Use guest blog posts while you are away.

5. Keeps Things From Getting Stale-
Readers can get bored.  They may enjoy a new spin on the subject matter of your blog. Sometimes reading a 'new voice' gives readers a reason to keep checking back.

6. More Traffic Equals More Revenue-
Guest bloggers bring more traffic. They tend to promote their work to their readers and to social media sites which will bring more traffic increasing your readership.

7. Relationships-
Blogging can get lonely at times. You work from home. This allows you to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

But What About The Disadvantages?

1. Your Reputation-
You will need to make sure you edit  the post  before it goes live. You don't want to ruin your reputation by having poor blog posts that aren't up to your standard. This also takes up your time editing. And you run the risk of looking 'lazy' to your readers if you have too many guest posts.

2. Keeping Your Voice-
By having too many guest posts you could end up losing your blogging voice. If you are a newbie blogger too much variety at first could hurt your ability to build your own brand.

3. Losing Readers-
Your readers could get bored with guest bloggers and leave your blog. Or you also run the risk of  losing readers if they tend to follow through the link in the guest post instead of investigating more of your blog.

The list is longer for advantages than disadvantages so before allowing guest posts on your blog, it’s
important to consider all of the pros and cons. Blogging for business needs to be taken seriously.