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Stumbling Upon Bubblews

I first started finding Bubblews on Mark Weaver's author page. I was really curious about this website. I went on there and looked at it. It is an article submission website as well. Unlike InfoBarrel, Squidoo and HubPages, Bubblews pays their writers for every unique view, like or dislike and comment. As I am writing right now, they pay roughly 1 cent per unique article view, like or dislike and comment. Of course, they do have unique IP address filters to make sure that each IP address counts as only one view.

Their rules for submitting a post or article is fairly easy as well. In order for you to get paid, you will have to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Do not copy other people's content
  • Do not pay other people to like/dislike your article
  • Do not use IP bots to manipulate the IP address
  • Post only in English
  • No pornography allowed
  • Write more than 400 characters in a post/article
  • Do not submit more than 10 articles per 24 hours or your account will be closed

They are pretty straight-forward rules. 

Curiosity Got The Better of Me

I immediately applied for an account after reading the rules and terms of use through Mark Weaver's author page. After signing up, they gave me a free dollar. I started posting one article a day. At first I wasn't paying attention to the page where it shows your stats. A week later, after 7 posts, I woke up to see my stats and saw this: 

Bubblews Status Page

So after 7 short posts, I was able to generate $1.97 in about 7 days. I excluded a dollar because we were given a free dollar for signing up. That is not bad at all, considering how little time I spent on the website. The reason why I did not spend too much time was because Bubblews is relatively new. They started somewhere in February 2012. They are about a year old at the time I am wrote this.

What Kind of Stuff Can I Post There?

Honestly it is like a bloggers heaven. You can post literally anything, aside from pornography and inappropriate language of course. I have seen people post personal stories, food recipes, backlinking, tutorials and earning money. They have a wide range of categories to write for as well. Their article submission is instant as well. I see that as a pro and con. While you can get some views quickly that way, people can spam posts, therefore lowering the quality of the website. I have already caught some spam posts on my first visit there. I think they still have a lot to work on in terms of maintaining quality.

Here are some things that I can see they can improve on:

  • Apply keyword density tools to prevent users from writing stuff over and over again
  • Have a character counter to make sure each post is over 400 characters
  • Hire moderators to check for inappropriate posts
  • Have a manual guide for how to use Bubblews

When Pay Day Arrives

I will be reporting in again when I get my account up to 25 dollars. In the meantime, I will be monitoring the progress of Bubblews before I decide to write more there.