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Will InfoBarrel Writer's Earnings Increase When InfoBarrel Qualifies for a Google Adsense Premium Publisher Account?

By Edited May 28, 2016 6 19

UPDATE: Once you finish reading this article, be sure to read THIS InfoBarrel forum thread. Unanticipated by me, prior to writing this article, in its current state, InfoBarrel can't actually qualify or a Google Adsense Premium account. Because we all use seperate Google Adsense ID#s, InfoBarrel would have to aggregate all its writers under it's own Google Adsense account. On a positive note, this is entirely possible...and, may actually be the most feasible option for InfoBarrel. The ultimate difference is that we would be paid directly by InfoBarrel, rather than having earnings accrue in our own Google Adsense accounts.

Without further delay, please be sure to read this entire InfoBarrel article:

NOTE: I published this article in 2010. It is now 2013 (currently). Since writing this article, I stumbled across a VERY powerful tool called Market Samurai. Like a Warrior Samurai gracefully exploits weaknesses in his enemies' armor, you can literally laser target highly profitable keywords and earn front page rankings overnight.

While you can certainly succeed on InfoBarrel without it, I do strongly believe that this was the most powerful weapon I have added to my arsenal. Fortunatly, you can also download a completely FREE trial version. I did that nearly 3 years ago....and I haven't stopped using it since!

Having noticed some amazing trends early on in InfoBarrel's growth, I came under some pretty intense criticism for deciding to invest a significant amount of time into writing for such a very young, relatively unproven, website like InfoBarrel. While I would spend hours toiling away at expanding my article database here, it became quite frustrating to see many writers join InfoBarrel, only to not see what I saw, and leave after a very small handful of articles submitted proved unfruitful. Self-purported experts on writing content for similar website platforms were quick to brush InfoBarrel off, and spread word quickly of its earning's hopelessness to their friends.

In August 2009, when I first began writing for InfoBarrel, the truth was that InfoBarrel was very young and had significant less authority than alot of its competitors online. In a very competitive industry, I'd say for InfoBarrel to gain the foothold and leverage that it has, in those critic's defense, required nothing short of an amazing feet of branding and marketing. Behind these forces, the fundamental business model of InfoBarrel had to be superior to the Squidoos, HubPages, eHows, Suite101s, HubPages, and Bukisas of the world.

Of course, even to this day, convincing others that a superior business model on InfoBarrel provides the greatest overall potential for writers to earn is nothing short of a perpetual headache. Writers want to earn, and they want to earn now! I certainly can't blame them, however, I do feel that I can give at least a miniscule insight into the promising future of such an exponentially growing website. Beyond the expected talking points that I have focused on for months, behind the generosity, transparency, and customer service that I have come to love from InfoBarrel, there is one other occurence that bears mentioning: InfoBarrel's qualification and obtainment of a Premium Google Adsense Account.

This event hasn't exactly happened yet, so I also can't blame others for not seeing or caring about it.

For me, however, the eventual obtainment of this account has been a single motivator and driving force behind my submitting tons of content to this website. Akin to investing in stock, I strongly believe that those who begin to expand their own article databases now could very well be sitting on full-time incomes when InfoBarrel achieves much greater favor and authority in Google.

So, how does a Premium Google Adsense Account work, when will InfoBarrel obtain one, and why should I (You) care?

While this is certainly a loaded, multi-faceted question, the answers to these questions will, when implemented, literally explode writer's earnings here on InfoBarrel. Let me, however, preface my answers to these questions by saying that there are a few unknowns such as how exactly InfoBarrel will actually integrate this Premium Google Adsense Publisher Account when it actually qualifies for one.

With that said, as InfoBarrel's daily traffic continues expand, they are slowly becoming a very valuable online property in the eyes of Google. As a regular standard Google Adsense publisher, this is precisely how we are afforded the opportunity to earn at least a portion of our revenue from writing here: via Google Adwords program, advertisers pay Google to host advertisements on our InfoBarrel content. In its simplest form, InfoBarrel writers earn up to a 90% revenue share when those advertisements are 'clicked on' (100% of revenue share is earned when your advertisements are clicked on during a 75-90% impression-based ad rotation cycle, to be more specific).

What would you say IF InfoBarrel writers could host more Google Adsense ad blocks on a single piece of their content, have the "Ads by Google" tagline removed from each ad block, and have InfoBarrel ownership itself directly negotiate for a higher revenue share on those advertisements? I don't know about you, but this seems like a winning combination to me. Fortunately for us InfoBarrel writers, these things only scratch the surface of the massive amounts of benefits that a Google Adsense Premium Publisher Account will afford InfoBarrel writers.

1) Additional Adsense Ad Blocks -- At this time, it is unclear just how InfoBarrel will integrate additional Google Adsense Ad Blocks into its framework, however, it will eventually. With a looming debate over longer articles versus short articles, the anticipation of InfoBarrel's obtainment of a Google Adsense Premium Publisher Account has been a major driving force behind my desire to write great deals of content that are in excess of 1,000 words. While some may call me crazy, great Google Adsense Ad block integration, I strongly believe, will look more natural and appealling to search engine traffic that arrive in a 1,000+ word article. It is very possible, as well, that in order for InfoBarrel's platform to not be seen as overly promotional (cramming 7 ad blocks into a 300-500 word article) that they may simply not integrate these additional ad blocks into short articles.

2) Optional Labeling of Google Adsense Ad Blocks -- Open up any InfoBarrel article, and you will see that each displayed ad block currently has a tagline that says "Ads by Google": a small title, however, for many who have become conditioned to seeing it, it screams "this is an advertisement. Don't click on it or someone else will earn money and someone will try to sell to me!" With this pre-conditioniong, online users are becoming quite accustomed to ignoring these Adsense ad blocks. When InfoBarrel qualifies for a Google Adsense Premium Publisher Account, all these Adsense ad blocks, on all your current hosted content, will take on the optional labeling preference of InfoBarrel, themselves. InfoBarrel may choose not to label their ads, or they may choose to do so: both approaches will certainly need to be tested in order to see which reaps the greatest rewards for InfoBarrel (as a company) and it's writers.

3) Adsense Ad Formats that are Flexible -- While standard publishers are limited to pre-defined dimension ad-blocks, this isn't the case for esteemed Premium Google Adsense Publishers. With the obtainment of an Adsense Premium Account, InfoBarrel will be able to fully customize its ad blocks with a variety of font sizes, styles and color schemes. If done by InfoBarrel correctly, this could lead to even greater integration of Google Adsense Ads into InfoBarrel's interface, thus, resulting in even greater revenue earned by InfoBarrel writers.

4) Negotiable Revenue Sharing Terms -- While standard Google Adsense Publishers are constrained by Google's inherent revenue sharing arrangement, InfoBarrel's obtainment of a Premium Adsense Account means that they will be granted an audience by Google themselves to discuss and negotiate their own revenue terms. Even though Google is a giant super-power in the online world, this doesn't preclude a brilliantly marketed and leveraged website, like InfoBarrel, from establishing a very strong and loyal following and enormous traffic. As InfoBarrel grows, it becomes more and more valuable to Google, and, will be then given the opportunity to directly negotiate their own revenue sharing terms.

5) Dedicated Involvement by Google Professional Staff -- From receiving dedicated business support from an account manager and sales representative, to enhanced technical support from a sales engineer, InfoBarrel's website platform will be treated like the gold that it will become when it officially qualifies for a Google Adsense Premium Publisher Account. Because Google has such a vested interest in doing everything it possible can to see the site earn more (and their advertisers gain more exposure), this means that writer revenue share and earnings, from current content, will be entirely subjected to Google's support for increased monetization. Point in case: If you are earning only pennies from InfoBarrel now, yet you continue to provide high quality content, it will be very difficult for you to NOT make money with this arrangement.

With additional Google Adsense block integration, optional labeling of Google Ad Blocks, and flexible ad formats, it is really quite easy to see just how much of an impact that directly negotiable revenue sharing terms will have on writer's earnings. Embedded within the trends of an ever-evolving online world, there are little to no websites, with current Adsense Premium Publisher Accounts, that actually share revenue with writers in the manner that InfoBarrel does. With millions of pageviews each month, a leading article directly online, entitled Ezine Articles (while they allow for content syndication) doesn't share with writers a dime of their Google Adsense Premium Account earnings. It is my strong belief that InfoBarrel's writers will be some of the leading earning writers anywhere online.

This is precisely why I love this website so much. How about you?

(If you would be interested in joining the InfoBarrel Community, it would be an absolute honor to have you join either here (my referral link) or here (no referral link).

Will InfoBarrel Writers Earn Even More When the New Version of InfoBarrel is Released?



Dec 14, 2010 8:10am
Good points, well argued Howie. I'll be around. You persuaded me 6 months ago about the importance of high quality content, rather than pap and my articles are getting natural links because of their high quality, so I have no plans to change my approach.
I think the biggest advantage will be the opewn format nature of ad blocks, so they don't LOOK like ad blocks
Dec 15, 2010 4:53am
Things will certainly get exciting, Phil...and, there's no substitute for high quality content. One reason I have been particularly writing long articles (1,000+ words), as well, is the fact that I really see InfoBarrel gaining the opportunity to include up to 7 Adsense ad block units in each single piece of content...so, many of my articles have been written with that possibility in mind... (the Premium account WILL happen, it's just a matter of time...)
Dec 14, 2010 8:23am
I'll be very interested to see what happens once IB gets the new pub-ids. You've been on the mark so far Howie, I expect you will be again this time.
Dec 15, 2010 4:56am
I'm not sure that Google will get new "pub-ids", per se, AJ....of course, ours will/should stay the same, and I'm sure IB will maintain their pub-ids, but their account will be essentially supervised and monitored by those business/technical sales experts. I really believe that icing on the cake will also be further monetization possibilities behind IB v.2.0. (Better Amazon integration, etc)
Dec 14, 2010 9:09am
I agree with Phil and AJ, Howie. I have been more successful than I expected already with InfoBarrel, and I look forward to the site continuing to grow and improve. I am trying to write more and more 1000 word articles, with a few shorter, related ones mingled in, and that model seems to work well. Thanks for the thoughtful article on the subject.
Dec 15, 2010 4:58am
Keep persevering, DD. Current IB writers do have a few things to overcome in that our content won't initially rank higher than a much higher PR/authority site, at least for the time being. Even if you do little backlinking, though, articles will continue to gain search engine authority and rise to the top. There will be HUGE benefit to being an early adopter.
Dec 14, 2010 1:57pm
I am not going anywhere either. I have been shouting the praises, if the masses will only listen!
Dec 15, 2010 5:00am
It's a bit aggravating/frustrating when people don't listen, isn't it, pwarlick? I'm certainly not stranger to that...I've tried to hold hands, but we are all adults here and can decide what is best for us. I've shoved graphs and charts down people's throats to the point of annoyance...I've decided just to step back a little and let the fruits of this site speak for themselves....
Dec 14, 2010 2:22pm
Thanks Howie, I have the faith!! Info Barrel is the best site, I've gotten many to join here, but just one has added content. Don't understand why the formant here is the easiest one I've found to work with yet. Thanks again for your help and support, you are our rock!!!
Dec 15, 2010 6:01am
I can totally empathize with you, Lynsuz! I've gotten quite a few people to join here, as well, however, it is really quite difficult to continue to motivate people to keep writing and contributing content. Hopefully the integration of a PM system will at least help to alleviate this somewhat....at least we'll have a direct line to our referrals, and can coach and encourage them a bit....

In a perfect world, everyone would be entirely self-motivated and would see the opportunity here, however, many just sign up, and forget....or don't see immediate fruits of their labors and go elsewhere.
Dec 14, 2010 9:52pm
I'm here to stay too Howie. Very well-written article and I look forward to all of us reaching our goals!
Dec 15, 2010 6:36pm
Thank you for the premium account explanation. Also, the longer article info is quite interesting, and make sense too. It has motivated me, this is a great site, I have stayed with it more so than others.
Dec 15, 2010 6:41pm
Hey footloose,

My desire to write longer articles (1,000+ words)is for a few reasons....besides the potential to naturally capture long tail keywords, I DO think that these articles will lend really well to the additional ad blocks that are obtained when IB get the Premium Account. Of course, it's totally up to IB ownership as to how exactly they will integrate these additional ad blocks.....I do tend to think that those 1,000+ words would look less like SPAM and would be very easily integrated....

Of course, they could always decide to still have 7 ad blocks appear on a 300 word article, however, I think doing that could give IB an image of being way overly promotional....definitely NOT good for a site that hopes to make it to the top....
Dec 17, 2010 6:31pm
Since they don't show the internal ad block on articles shorter than 500 (I think it's 500), I don't think they'd change that once they have the option to use more ad blocks.

I'm not sure about the 1000+ word articles though. I have some, of course, but when I go back and look at them I think some would be better if I divided the topic. As for monetary optimization, the IB page as it is just doesn't pay for these w/all the white space and Chitika at the bottom. I am hoping this will change w/the new IB 2.0. But, my main issue w/the 1000 word articles is that people write to GET the word count rather than effectively write an article. There were some things that eHow had right. Starting words off w/a verb, etc. It's harder to write those, but they really turn into better quality articles.

I look forward to years to come with InfoBarrel. It is interesting how others dog IB because they didn't earn. In my last article about SEO tips and earnings I made a statement out front: If I'm not earning then it's my fault. People say InfoBarrel sucks but it's their approach, just as it was mine and why I didn't earn for a year. It was the writing that changed, not the site.
Dec 23, 2010 8:08pm
Great article, I was not aware of the premium publisher accounts so it will definitely be interesting if IB can acquire it. I have just started writing here on IB and am excited to see what the future holds. After looking at all the different options I settled on IB due to its future potential. Its great motivation reading articles from people like you who believe in this sites potential!
Dec 23, 2010 8:15pm
BullishD...this is SO refreshing to here! New writers here RARELY see (or understand) the future of this site....it's really akin to getting in on the ground floor of the next killer stock to hit Wall Street.

It really is exciting.

With time, InfoBarrel will gain significant search engine authority that will help all our articles earn more and more....

If you get the chance, head on over to alexa.com, and type in InfoBarrel.com, and be sure to scroll down to "MAX"....

It is truly exciting what is occuring....

Dec 23, 2010 10:31pm
I just checked out alexa, and you are right, IB has a good upward trend in its growth. I compared InfoBarrel to Hubpages and what is interesting is the pageviews/user, bounce% and Time on Site stats. In all three of them IB is showing much better numbers compared to the more popular site.

Hopefully these trends continue. Thanks for pointing it out!
Dec 24, 2010 5:50am

This is what I've been trying to convince people since I noticed the trends in August 2009, when I first began writing for InfoBarrel. Are you very familiar with these sites, and interpreting these trends, BullishD? (I mean, there isn't even much to 'interpret' here....its clear as day in just about every category, people just need to exert the effort to LOOK)

If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out about IB, BullishD?
Dec 24, 2010 1:06pm

No I don't have much experience, I am new to these types of sites (aside from reading random articles in the past) . As for reading trends, I have quite a bit of experience in technical analysis when it comes to stocks. but as you mentioned 'interpreting' what is showing in these graphs really isn't hard.

I honestly don't remember how I came across IB, I have had blogs in the past but stopped writing on them about a year ago. I decided to get back into it and started researching to see what had changed in my time off. I came across an article talking about ehow I think, and then that got me looking into these types of sites. I eventually came across IB and it looked like it had the best potential so I decided to give it a go.

I am still deciding whether to bring my blog(s) back online, or to concentrate my effort on this site. Was also thinking about writing for this site and Hubpages at the same time.. Still deciding what route to go. (work keeps me busy so I only have so much free time to dedicate to this)
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