Screenshot of New InfoBarrel Interface

(NOTE: If you click on the IMAGE above, you will be taken to the old (current) platform interface. Read further down this article to see when the new InfoBarrel website is tentatively scheduled for release!)

Few websites have excited me in the same manner that InfoBarrel has excited me. Ever since I began writing for InfoBarrel in August 2009, there are many happenings that have caused me to invest a significant amount of time here even though I see so many people join this site, write a single piece of content, find that it doesn't earn money for them immediately, and move on to the next best thing. While I may oftentimes appear to promote InfoBarrel to the point of annoyance, I am very much excited about the release of the new InfoBarrel for a variety of reasons. (After months of anticipation, and being leaked a few "bread crumbs" by InfoBarrel management in the InfoBarrel forum, it appears like the new version of InfoBarrel's website is tentatively scheduled to be released later in December 2010 or early January 2011. One thing is for sure, I strongly believe that 2011 will be a HUGE year for InfoBarrel writers!)

1) For those who have been writing for InfoBarrel for any length of time, it is not difficult at all to see just how responsive the ownership and management are. While there may be rare occasions where an email may go unanswered, every email I have sent expressing a question or concern has generally been answered within 24-48 hours. To me, the impending release of InfoBarrel version 2.0 represents the fact that InfoBarrel ownership has a real solid pulse on the needs and desires of their writers. Not only are they clearly structuring a very strong business, in a very competitive industry, but they are doing so in a very transparent and generous manner.

2) Generally, the effectiveness of Adsense in earning online publishers money is directly related to one's ability to test and make subtle changes with advertisement placement. Based on what I can see from the screenshot of InfoBarrel version 2.0, it appears like subtle changes have/are being made to increase writer's CTR (click-thru-rate) and, subsequently, their earnings. While I don't expect for ad layout to change significantly, I do believe that writer CTR and earnings will increase along with the thinning out of the website header. Having a thinner header means that our article's content and text will be pushed further to the top, "above the fold", where readers will be even moreso drawn to our advertisements. With greater Adsense block placement, you will find that writer's earnings could very well increase drastically overnight.

3) When a Google Adsense publisher's website receives a large amount of views, their website suddenly comes on to the radar of Google, itself. This means that Google sees the website, as well as, all the content that has been provided by an incentivized and highly motivated userbase, as a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of that content from an advertising standpoint. While Google already allows InfoBarrel to publish advertisements, it is well within Google's power to provide large scale publishers with even more opportunities to earn. While traditional publishers may be bothered by this, the truth is that great traffic will make InfoBarrel a very lucrative haven for Google itself to take advantage of.

From a writer's standpoint, this point isn't necessarily exactly attributable to a new website being launched. InfoBarrel could very well become a Google Adsense Premium publisher had it never even considered changing its website design and interface. Growth of its website has been nothing short of exponential and, even as a young site, writers are already beginning to report relatively high daily/weekly/monthly earnings (If you would like to join these writers, you can easily join here!). With a cobination of factors working in conjunction, once InfoBarrel achieves a Google Adsense Premium account, I strongly believe that writer's earnings will go up significantly because of the many benefits and privileges of having such a highly esteemed account.

What does InfoBarrel have to do to obtain a Google Adsense Premium Account?

The short answer: Not much. With InfoBarrel's current growth, even had they never changed the aesthetics behind the website platform interface, they would eventually secure a Google Adsense Premium Account. Current changes, however, strongly reflect just how much the owners have a very strong pulse on the wants and needs of their writers. A new platform interface, along with a Google Adsense Premium Account, will drasticially improve InfoBarrel writer's earnings. Had an InfoBarrel writer been earning, for example, $10 a day, it is highly likely that these changes alone could cause those earnings to, near instantaneously, go up to $30-$50 a day. Of course, there are a variety of factors at play, however, it is important to know that great strides are being made to change and adjust the website platform to the point where it will, literally overnight when implemented, dramatically increase writer's earnings.

What are the Benefits of InfoBarrel achieving a Google Adsense Premium Account?

My current writing on InfoBarrel, believe it or not, has been structured in complete anticipation of InfoBarrel's achievement of a Google Adsense Premium Account. This is an occurence that WILL happen. When it does happen, many positive things will occur in conjunction:

1) InfoBarrel will be allowed to display more Google Adsense ad blocks. Some on InfoBarrel are already earning $30-$50/day from the current 3 advertisement (Google Adsense) placement. The achievement of a Google Adsense Premium Account means that InfoBarrel will then be able to host 7 advertisement blocks on their content. It is currently unknown just how this will be implemented, however, I have structured my articles intentionally to favor 1,000+ words because I strongly believe that 7 Google Adsense blocks will be best integrated into longer content. In fact, it may be entirely likely that all those Adsense blocks may just not be included in shorter articles simply because of how overly promotional they will/may appear to readers. At this time, it is difficult to say how exactly InfoBarrel ownership will place these new blocks.

2) InfoBarrel will be able to directly negotiate revenue share of their advertisements with Google. Google is huge, however, with time and growth, a website like InfoBarrel is fully capable of displaying their worth to Google. While a small website, with little traffic, may have little value to Google, InfoBarrel's booming traffic is already beginning to be taken notice of by even rather influential bloggers in cyberspace. As this growth continues, InfoBarrel will be seen by Google as a great place to host advertisements. Google may be absolutely huge, however, when a website achieves monumental traffic (5 million search queries or 20 content page views per month) they become extremely valuable to Google. Not only will InfoBarrel be able to display more advertisements, but can you imagine just how much writer's earnings will increase when they are able to directly negotiate revenue share, on their writer's behalf, with Google. The possibilities are absolutely HUGE.

3) Oftentimes when a publisher places a Google Adsense ad in their content, their is a high degree of incentive to make the "Ads by Google" line as conspicuous as posibble. Fortunately, with a Google Adsense Premium Account, InfoBarrel will not be required to label their ads in this way. While the removal of this tagline is optional, click-thru-rate has been proven to go up significantly on advertisements that are afforded the opportunity to remove this tagline.

The previous three mentions are just three benefits of priveleges of being a Premium Adsense Publisher. Bear in mind, this will be an inevitable occurence for InfoBarrel, and its writers, just so long as InfoBarrel continues to grow in the manner in which it has been. In future InfoBarrel articles I will expand upon a few other ways in which a Google Adsense Premium Account will dramatically increase InfoBarrel writers earnings. If you would like to be apart of this phenomena, I highly encourage you to join the great Community at InfoBarrel, participate in the forums, and consider contributing content today!