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Will Info Barrel Surpass eHow?

By Edited Mar 9, 2014 2 11

Info Barrel Traffic Graph
Accompanying the recent onslaught of revenue sharing, article submission, website platforms, has been a dedicated global user base of thousands of determined writers. These predominately freelance writers have recognized this tremendous opportunity to display the passionate expression of their hand crafted writing, while simultaneously making a passive income from home. The lucrative nature of this ongoing arrangement has proven to be beneficial for both the websites' owners, as well as these eager content providers. Without the provision of adequate monetary benefit to both parties involved, such an awesome idea would, more than likely, cease to exist.

The deal has been simple and hard to beat: the user essentially provides content in exchange for a promised revenue share of existing, displayed, advertisements that engulf the many articles that have been submitted to these websites. While monetization methods may vary ever so slightly, Google's Adsense/ Adwords programs have established themselves as a leading contextual advertising source that tailors itself to the very content that the user submits. Adorned on a variety of niche websites throughout cyberspace, many online freelance writers have been more than happy to relinguish a small percentage of their earnings in order to gain the incredible resources, forums, and sense of community that these many article submission website platforms creatively offer to the masses.

While each has provided a decent, managable, and navigable website platform interface, each has encountered varying success in the execution of their respective business plans in this ever-so-crowded market of innovative and cutting edge ideas. At the forefront of popularity in the arena of article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms are such websites as Associated Content, eHow, Squidoo and Info Barrel. With my own personal experience being tied strictly to providing content to eHow, Squidoo, and Info Barrel, I have developed a bias, of sorts, that predominately favors the Info Barrel platform. In this article, I will provide, for you, my rationale for believing that the Info Barrel platform will eventually surpass eHow's great authority presence on such massive search engines like Google.

As of September 20th, 2009, the online authority for website analysis and visitor diagnostics, also known as Quantcast, provides a detailed 'quantifiable' description of eHow that is culminated in one simple value that appears to speak higher than almost all other data on their website: their current rank of 22. With over 35 million monthly visitors, and a commanding presence amongst such website elites as Facebook, Craigslist, and Amazon, one may never expect eHow to relinguish such a predominate position any time soon, at least not to another article submission, revenue sharing, website.

Enter Info Barrel, as a clear underdog in a market that has been dominated by such online forces as Squidoo, eHow, and Associated Content, which humbly boasts of a hard-earned rank (18,885) that is clearly inferior to the previously stated website platforms. Surprisingly, however, is the rate of growth that Info Barrel has gained, which is partly attributed to mass exodus of disgruntled users from eHow, in particular.

I was one of those users.

With almost 130 articles now uploaded to Info Barrel (and, transferred from eHow), it is difficult to walk the delicate balance between making this article completely unbiased in nature, rather than a deliberate testimonial that advocates for the immediate relocation of your articles. While my positive experience writing for the Info Barrel platform simply cannot be ignored, I do feel a degree of obligation to help fellow, hard-working, freelance writers, like myself, avoid the inherent pitfalls and hurdles that I had come to know full well while using eHow. Sadly, as you read this article, this may be something that you may have become fully aware of, or, if you are just starting to learn the revenue generating potential of these platforms, I hope that you will strongly consider heeding the advice, founded upon factual evidence, that I have provided for you in this article.

While no website is perfect, some simply approach perfection in the eyes of a user base that consistently delivers quality content because those websites have provided clear rules, boundaries, guidlines, and expectations of their valued writers. Accompanying these criteria is a platform that should be dedicated to user customer service, satisfaction, and fair distribution of revenue and user recognition. Much like the elderly greeters at Wal-Mart, in many ways, these online platforms should strive their hardest to listen to their users. Info Barrel does this well. With many outstanding emails that have never been responded to, eHow consistently fails to do this. This is my first, of many reasons inherent to both article submission platforms, as to why Info Barrel, with time, will gradually surpass eHow.

Another particular reason for my anticipated demise of the eHow platform is the continual, and increasing, disgruntlement, of longterm eHow users. Beyond my own negative experiences, a casual stroll through eHow's user feedback forum is sure to unveil a plethora of user complaints, unanswered user concerns and questions, as well as, a monstrosity of reported 'bugs' and 'glitches' that simply make the user experience intolerable. Info Barrel was begun from humble beginnings, and never appears to expand beyond a user base that it is capable of adequately accomodating. Unfortunately, while eHow continues to advertise and promote it's website platform, the fundamental core of hard working writers are consistently left to feel as if they are invaluable.

While a positive aspect of the eHow platform is that they provide a user forum, thread upon thread has been established in which clearly reveals that eHow staff have undertaken a monumental, money making opportunity, that will be simply unsustainable should they continue to pursue the path of sheer user neglect that they have. Even as this initial article only scratches the surface of why I believe Info Barrel will surpass eHow, the unfortunate fact is that many readers of this article will be nodding their head, in agreement, because, they too, have joined in on the apparent mass exodus from the eHow platform.

If you are a freelance writer, or would like to fully realize the passive income generating potential of Info Barrel, it would be an absolute honor to have you join the Info Barrel community here (no referral link), or under my referral link here. If you do register for Info Barrel, under my referral link, please do "Friend" me on here, so that I can include a direct clickable link to Your very first article in my Info Barrel Facebook Group! This offer is extended for all your subsequent Info Barrel articles, as well! This is a tremendous opportunity to gain promotion for your article(s), as my Facebook Group continues to grow, amongst a global Facebook membership of 300,000,000+ worldwide users!

If you do sign up for Info Barrel, under my referral link, I will also include a direct clickable link from one of my 170+ Info Barrel articles, to your very first published article, or any article of your choosing! Once again, please 'friend' me and contact me, and I will ensure this happens. This is meant to serve as a welcoming gift for your finding, and participating in, the Info Barrel Website!

Whether your experience, with any one of these online article submission websites has been positive, or negative, I would like to highly encourage all readers of this article to include a Comment, at the tail end of this article. You are welcome to completely debunk my entire article, or, provide further support for why one should proceed with caution with any one of the mentioned article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms, that I mentioned prior.

I am unsure if Info Barrel currently allows referral links in comments, however, you are more than willing to provide your referral link(s) to any platforms you have used, if you can provide at least a somewhat sound rationale for why readers should consider that particular platform over another platform. Like eHow best? Like Info Barrel best? Like Squidoo best? Like Associated Content best? Leave a comment and let me/us know why!

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....



Sep 20, 2009 7:46pm
eHow only allow people living in the US to write for their site, which I think is a huge negative for the site.
Sep 20, 2009 7:52pm
hm...true, retireyoung...this is something I haven't considered...I wonder if they have plans to expand this any time soon.....(?).....perhaps they just want to 'field test' and develop the platform initially in the United States, and, THEN release it to participation to the rest of the world....just thinking out loud...lol
Sep 20, 2009 8:46pm
Great article, although I enjoy the income at ehow, I realize now I may not be able to count on that forever. Things are changing at ehow.
Sep 21, 2009 12:35am
I completely agree ladybugblue.....have you been a long time writer at eHow?
Sep 26, 2009 8:17am
Thanks for the well-thought out, well written article. I stopped writing on E-How, but decided to still give it a chance and use both Info-Barrel and E-How together to earn residual income writing.
Oct 8, 2009 12:01am
This is an excellent informative article. I still consider myself a newbie but have learned a lot in a couple for months after starting with EHow, having suffered through the bugs. Thanks for the great information - I signed up with your link and hope to start working on articles soon. I work slowly but hopefully methodically.
Oct 8, 2009 8:46pm
This is a very nicely written article, and a topic of immediate interest to me. I am a disgruntled eHow writer who is looking for a new place to share information. I just signed up tonight. I look forward to reading your works.
Oct 11, 2009 5:47pm
Good article on eHow and all the goings on there. I am well aware of how eHow has dissed their writers they have dissed me to the tune of over 50 articles deleted. I still have almost 350 and would have over 400.

I'll hang in there for a while longer to see if they get better or worse in the meantime I now write for infobarrel and Xomba as well.
Oct 21, 2009 7:42pm
Info barrel is still the new kid on the block, but the trends are impressive. The site is just over 16,000 on Alexa, to eHow's 175. The march to 15k will likely take less than a couple of weeks. For a site that's only been around a short time, it's easy to see big things on the horizon.

I think smart writers will stick with Info Barrel over the long haul. As the site's Alexa score improves, Google rankings will improve for the author's articles. This will mean more views, exposure, and of course, money.

This site, Info Barrel, is already a mid-level player in the online world. It won't take too long to become a major player, given the current trends.

I've been "burned" by ehow, like many other authors here. In a way, I'm glad. I was only writing there at the time, but then I began writing articles on Info Barrel. I'm making good money on this site in it's infancy. The sky is the limit.

Nice article, by the way.
Nov 30, 2009 11:16am
Well, I think that once people wake up to the reality and see just who/what eHow is, they will gladly jump ship to a site like InfoBarrel. I still have a few articles on eHow, but interestingly they are earning FAR less than they did before I complained to the BBB about eHow/Demand Media's criminal practices.
Jan 13, 2010 5:02pm
Nice information, as I also tend to favor the Infobarrel setup. Thanks.
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