When it comes to losing weight lots of people are concerned about their stomach sagging once they lose all their weight. To stop this from happening or at least reduce the amount of skin that sags. Will all depend on the amount of weight that you have got to lose and how quickly you lose this weight.

Rapid weight loss is not the way you want to go if you are to prevent your stomach from sagging after weight loss. This is because your skin has not got enough time to adjust to the rapid weight loss. If you lose 100 pounds in just a few short months then expect to have lots of sagging skin around your waistline.

How to lose weight correctly reducing the risk of getting a sagging stomach

To prevent or reduce the amount of sagging skin you need to start eating the right foods, doing the right exercise and losing very small amounts of weight each week. Your weight loss goal for the week should be around 1 to 2 pounds tops. I bet you are thinking now, but the people on the biggest loser lose 20 pounds plus every week. They do because at the end of the day it's a competition with a lot at stake. Plus after shifting all that body weight how many pounds of it do you think is body fat. Not a lot because it isn't humanly possible to shift 20 plus pounds of body fat in just one week.

The biggest problem that most people face is they want to lose weight as quickly as possible. But this is only going to result in sagging skin around your stomach. You need to look at things over the long term and set yourself goals. If you have got 100 pounds to lose, set yourself a goal of losing 2 pounds every week and in 50 weeks you will of lost the weight. I bet if you look at a person who lost 100 pounds in 3 months compared to a person who lost 100 pounds in 12 months. The person with the quickest weight loss would have the most sagging skin around their mid-section.

OK, you have set yourself a goal of losing weight slowly, you now need to work on a diet plan that is going to results in slow and controlled weight loss. The way to do this is by calculating how many calories you need each day to maintain weight, then deduct 500 calories from this amount. This will give you a 3500 calorie reduction each week, which will result in a one pound weight loss.

To double this to 2 pounds try burning off a further 500 calories through exercise every day. It will be a good idea to do exercise that is going to improve muscle tone such as weight training. Throw in a couple of cardio workouts each week and you are well on your way to losing body fat and not important lean body mass.

As you are losing weight always adjust your daily calorie intake because as you get lighter your body is going to need less calories. Another good tip for preventing and reducing your stomach from sagging as you are losing weight is to drinks lots of water to make sure that your body is fully hydrated at all times. Also keep your skin well hydrated as well by using body moisturizer every day. Follow these quick tips and you will dramatically reduce your chance of getting sagging skin from around your stomach after losing lots of weight.