Have you recently started running? Has anyone told you that running is bad for your uterus? Have you been feeling pains in your lower abdomen? I decided to research this and find out the real story behind running and its affects on the uterus and to see if the rumors were really true.

The truth is that there is a risk to your uterus while running, especially if you are running on asphalt or cement. The impact is incredibly hard and harsh for your body and can lead to uterine prolapse.

If you think about it, every time your foot strikes the ground the shock is absorbed right into your body and sent right up through your uterus. This causes shock in your uterus and can literally bounce it out of alignment.

How do you know if you are in the danger zone or getting close to causing damage? Many women experience uterine cramping from running too much, if you notice any pain in this area that feels somewhat like menstrual cramps, stop and take it easier. This could mean that your uterus has gotten more than it wants and you may be doing too much.

Once your uterus prolapses it is very difficult to run without pain. It can cause you to feel heaviness down between your legs, which is very uncomfortable. However there are some women who continue to run even after a uterus prolapse.

Remember that running on a treadmill is by far much better than running on a hard surface such as your sidewalk or street. If you stay on the treadmill or if you run in dirt or sand your chances of injuring your uterus is significantly lower. So keep this in mind if you love running, but want to reduce your risk of a falling uterus.

If you are still in your child bearing years and would like to get pregnant again it would be wise to not overdo it on running and to focus more on cycling, swimming and speed walking. Not saying you shouldn't run at all, but you may want to consider saving those ultra marathons for later.