British televison news reported, on 21st January 2010, that Simon Cowell is planning a charity single, with proceeds going to the Haitian, earthquake, relief fund. Simon had revealed this at the previous night's UK television awards ceremony.

Apparently Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, rang Simon to say that, if he would produce and release such a charity single, the Goverbnement would wave the usual taxes. This subject generated much vocal interest, on the news, and, in general, had a mixed response.

Are we simply doing this to make us feel better?

There was some debate as to whether or not this has been suggested to, in some way, make us all feel better. Sure many people across the world feel hopeless in their efforts to aid Haiti. We know that plenty of money has swelled the relief fund but, that there are still logistical obstructions, to getting the aid where it is needed most.

However, the relief fund can never have too much money. Personally, I do not really care what is behind this additional fund raising, as long as it helps charities to give more help to Haiti.

What will be an appropriate song?

There were one or two inappropriate song suggestions on the news. I almost felt as if someone was going to suggest "I get knocked down but I get up again" Obviously the song should be tactful and inspiring but, in some ways, it is immaterial.

However, amongst the more sensible suggestions, was "Whose going to drive you home?", by the cars, which has already proved itself worthy of being a charity single. This song provided a moving musical experience, to accompany Band Aid footage. There were one or two other suggestions but perhaps producers should not waste precious time on such decisions.

Who will perform the song?

I imagine that this charity single will be a little like Band Aid's "Feed the World" There will no doubt be plenty of professional musicians, and singers, ready, willing and able to take part.

To date, Simon had only received confirmatiom from Cheryl Cole, that she would take part. Hopefully, many other performers will follow suit, if this venture goes ahead.


Reporters seemed to be questioning Simon about how long it would take to record and release such a piece of music. Timing is important. We already know that, for many Haitians, time is running out. However, Haiti's problems will not be solved easily and quickly. Days, weeks, months and perhaps years down the road, help will still be needed. Obviously, the sooner a charity single is released the better. However, if it does take a little longer, this fact should not deter Simon Cowell and the performers.


The total amount of donations given for Haiti, continues to rise. This is good news. However, in time, these donations will dwindle. Whilst I can see what some people mean about the negatives of a charity single, overall I think it is a good idea.

Perhaps such a single will spur some people. who maybe would not normally donate to Haiti, to indirectly help the relief effort.

One can always look for, and find, the negative, in any such venture. We should really embrace these charitable money making ideas, as long as the money raised goes to those that it should.

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