By now everyone knows about the Ipad, from Pee-Wee's Placehouse, to Stephan Colbert, to 'fill in the blank'. But should we all run out and get one? Will it fail, or be a success? First we should respect what the ipad is attempting to be.

It is 'arguably' among the first of a new kind of intuitive touch screen computers. These are the kind of sci-fi gadets what would allow you to work in a intuitive, touchy, feely sort of way. It's been something computer companies have been trying to do for a long time. And for the most part all of those past failures have given the ipad a more solid foundation to work upon. For this reason it's likely the ipad will be a hit, just not the way everyone expects.

Will the ipad be successful? Define success

What the ipad won't be is the iphone. The iphone. It was a gadget that many people Had to have, and the ipad is not that. At least it's not that right now. If comparisons need be drawn, the ipad will likely turn out much more like the ipod. It will take time to catch on, it will be nerdy for a while, and consumers will gradually adopt it. One day we may all wonder how we could have gotten by without it, but right now that's not the case for an important reason. It does not fill a defined worthy niche.

The Ipad is not a laptop. It's not an ebook reader (not really). And the ipad isn't a desktop, and it's not a gaming console. I could go on with all the things it's not. What it is, and perhaps all it is, is what Steve Jobs demonstrated when he sat in a chair and used it. The ipad is what you use, when you want to sit on a couch and look at a website. Of course laptops can do that and they also have a keyboard. Still, the ipad makes the act of sitting on your butt much more sublime.

Bill Gates tried to tackle the problem of the intuitive device many years before Steve Jobs did with the ipad. He touted the future was the tablet computer. A device you could carry around and write on with a special pen. You could take notes, draw doodles, and so much more. The only problem was that people can type faster than they can write with a pen. And not only just a little bit faster, a whole lot faster.

With the ipad the problem is similar. The keyboard is onscreen, much like on the iphone. However, unlike the iphone you have to hold the ipad with two hands. So how are we supposed to type on the ipad? I'm afraid in a very comfortable way. Perhaps set it down on your lap, or try to cradle it while you type on the screen. Maybe set it down on a coffee table and then lean over?

Despite all this I am still excited about the ipad, but I'm excited for what it might eventually lead too. A touchscreen Macbook anyone?