Will The World End 2012?

Will the world end December 21 2012. There's some speculation that a 12th planet called the Red Planet will cause destruction the 2012. Some believe there is a planet headed Earths direction. Some Astronomers suggest a week before it passes, the earth will stop rotation for 3 days and the world waits until the earth rotates 90 degrees as it realigns the poles to the magnetic pull of the Red Planet, also called Planet X the 12th planet, as it passes between the earth and the sun. During this troubled time dying becomes easy and living hard. Heavy hurricane heavy winds sweep the world. Volcano smoke and ash block the sun as it fills the skies. Nostradamus, " a big object heading toward our planet, it will reach by 2012, but won't hit us".

The Mayan Prophecy since thousands of years ago calculated on their calendar "the Tzolkin, or sacred calendar", that 2012 is the end of earths 5th great cycle. Ancient Mayans believed this planet is a planet like earth where Giants or Gods of old live. It has a orbit around the sun that last 3,600 yrs and is several times the mass of Jupiter. There is evidence this 12th planet has passed earth before, as the explanation of the past mass extinctions on earth.

The earth wobbles very slowly on its axis. The ancient Mayan's predicted the earth will complete it's wobble around it's axis on December 21 2012, this process is called precession. It takes the earth 26,000 years to complete one wobble on it's axis. This happens to complete on December 21 2012, and no one can say for sure what effect this will have on the planet. The ancient Mayans also tell once every 26,000 years the sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way. This cosmic alignment means the sun aligns and sets at the black hole in the middle of our galaxy and the 12th planet passes between earth and the sun at the same time called astronomical alignment and it's due to happen on December 21 2012. Ancient Mayan's calculated doomsday using advance knowledge of astronomy. The Mayan calendar is so precise it can predict solar eclipse 1000 years in advance. The ancient Mayans were obsessed about time. The Mayan calendar is more accurate than our own. Their calendar is very prophetic. Ancient Mayans predicted in 8th century AD that white skinned, bearded God's would arrive from across the sea on March 5 1519. On that day Cortex and his fellow explorers arrived in the new world March 5 1519. This is incredibly accurate.

The Ancient Mayans predict a black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Western astronomers have discovered there is a black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Ancient Mayans called it a black rift or cosmic mother at the center of our galaxy. Modern astronomers agree with ancient Mayans. On December 21 2012 the sun will set in the black rift in the center of our galaxy. No one truly knows what this effect will have on the Earth.

The Mayans also predict on December 21 2012 a phenomenon called pole shift, where the entire mantle of the earth will shift in a matter of days or hours changing the position of the north and south poles. Albert Einstein first suggested it in 1955. A new study from Princeton revealed the poles have shifted before. 800 million years ago the north pole rested in the middle of the pacific meaning Alaska was at the equator. Even if this process took place slowly over the years it would result in global climate change and shifting sea levels. If the process happens rapidly it means planet wide disaster, and mass extinction of species.

The ancient Mayans also used there third calendar called the Long count to calculate doomsday 2012 prophecy . The calendar was used to track time. Its from that they calculated doomsday, and made their predictions concerning telling the future. Mayans believed the earth has 5 great cycles. Four cycles have already passed and we're living in the last and 5th cycle according to the ancient Mayans. The four prior cycles ended in destruction. This would indicate that one could assume the 5th cycle will also end in destruction 2012. December 21 2012 is unlikely to be just another normal day for our world. The ancient Mayans attached great symbolic meaning to earths cycles, and the upcoming cosmic alignment.

In the 16 century some ancient Mayan scholars translated the transcripts and what the translation tells is the Mayans believed the dark rift in the middle of the Milky Way is the entrance to the dark under world and a haven for evil.

The that question so many want a answer to is, are all or any of these events going to happen in 2012. There are several possible catastrophic event due to take place on this same date, why do all the prophecies, and science happen to point to the same date or close to December 21 2012. If any of the Mayans predictions are true, then one things for sure, mighty Nations will soon fall, and money will soon be useless.