The Transformers movie is about cool effects. Heroes suffering shocks that make them change their shape, unexpected transformation, lots of destruction and chasing, all these are in the top of our kids' preferences. Of course, it's normal to be like that, as all kids love action and adventure. However, the today's kids action and adventure aren't their moms' and dads' ones anymore. As computer animation and 3D effects became so widespread, nowadays children want to see sensational things. Simply cool is not enough anymore for them. Some would call that progress and civilization. I don't know, it probably is. Nonetheless, it's clear that the Transformers attract new fans each month, as more kids are seeing the movie.

When movies cross their borders and mix with the real life, parents need to take lots of money out of their pockets in order to satisfy the fantasy needs of their children. Can you imagine how many of the children who saw the movie want now a Bumblebee Halloween costume? Maybe more than half of them will be dressed alike this October. What most kids don't know is that the Transformers story is based on a book. But I don't know how many children still read books these days. The ones I know would rather spend their time in front of the computer than reading books. They think books are boring and useless. Indeed, books as we used to know them are now boring because they lack interactivity. In this age when we get used to lots of interactive gadgets and stuff, it's hard to believe that kids can find adventure in a static book. That's why they'd better get a costume impersonating their favorite hero, like the Transformers Optimus Halloween costumes and get together with their friends to play the story themselves, to invent new adventures and to remake the ones they've seen in the film. This is much better than books, because this is real action. Some kids even manage to make it too real. That's why parents need to keep an eye on their kids in the Halloween night, as they might get injured if they don't pay attention when they handle their costume accessories such as swords and guns.

Luckily, Halloween costumes aren't that expensive. If you do a little bit of shopping around before you make your purchase, you may be able to discover valuable discounts, promotional offers or at least a free delivery.