VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP calling, in short, is making phone calls through the internet. They say this is just another option instead of using a traditional and conventional landline or cellular phone. But who knows, this might not just be an option but "the" option.

It is a cheap way to call international numbers and call mobile phones. Initially, you will have to set it up before making a call. Make sure you follow all instructions in the guide and you have a phone to use when you need to call their technical support.

You will most probably need to. VOIP calling might soon replace land lines and costly cellular phones. To make an outgoing call, there's no requirement of sign up fees or monthly fees.

For outgoing calls, you can simply pay for every call that you make. To actually use VOIP, you have two options. One is to download a VOIP softphone online for free. This will allow you to make phone calls using your computer.

Another option is to buy a VOIP adapter. This will allow you to make calls to cellular phones, oversees, etc. while using a phone device. Connection quality depends on your internet connection.

So if you have one of those really high speed connections, then you can enjoy an equally high quality phone call. With high quality calls and extremely low international rates, this may soon be the preferred way of calling.

If there is a fee for incoming and outgoing calls, then you should look at the possible minimum fee of the subscription. You may get your own local number which is accessible to more than 30 countries all over the world.

There may be an applicable small set up fee and some fees may apply monthly. VoIP calling is also called IP Telephony calling, internet calling, internet telephony calling, internet calling, voice over the internet calling, internet phone calling, broadband calling or pc to phone calling, calling card or voice over IP.

It is very convenient and cheap that it is possible that this can replace the conventional calling through land line and cellular phone. As for the quality, you just have to make sure that you get the best as recommended by VOIP reviews and are connected through a good broadband internet phone provider.

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