So you like a girl but are afraid to ask her out because she is super-intelligent, at least by your standards. Will women date guys who are dumb? Well, it seems that if we define “dumb” simply as being not quite as smart as a woman, then yes they will often date you. Women I generally don’t seem to mind dating men who are “less intelligent” then they are. What women do dislike though is a guy that is ignorant. There is a huge difference between being uneducated and ignorant. If you are dumb AND ignorant then your dating pool of women will be extremely small.

If you are the type of guy who likes to talk with big fancy words so that you seem intelligent, well that just doesn’t work in the real World. If you are I Junior high it might Work but not many women will fall for that crap. Women will see right thru that façade. When you talk fancy and think that you are being intelligent, the women will instead see you as being ignorant and unintelligent.


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The most important part of communication is to listen. If you always interrupt your date with a story of your own then you will turn her off. Your personality is extremely important regardless of how well educated you may or may not be.

When you are listening to a woman a guy needs to be “actively listening’ instead of passively listening. Actually listen to what she says and think about it. Many times a woman is not use to a guy who TRULY listens to her. Regardless of how dumb you may be, an active listener can help you be more successful with the women. Actively listening will also help you to learn more so you’re not quite as dumb.

College Athletes

There are many college athletes who are attending the school because of a sports scholarship. Their academic levels are not often up to the standards of some other students. We all know that many women are attracted to the sexy physiques of star football players, so obviously women will date guys who are not as smart as them.

Each woman is different and each guy is different. As long as you actively listen to your partner then you will have much more success, even if you are as “dumb as a box of rocks”.

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