Will You Buy the 4.6 inches New iPhone?

Are you interested in the new iPhone? If you are an Apple fan, you will definitely want to get your hands on anything that comes out from this technology company. A lot of people are already talking about the new sharper, better, “retina” display that will be integrated with the new iPhone. It is rather funny when technology writers speculate about the future when they obviously don't have a clue. It is also interesting to see fans commenting on being against or for the new retina display on the new iPhone. Some have said that Apple will likely try to give its users 4.6 inch OLED display just like the one you get on the Samsung galaxy S II Smartphone. If you have been following the progress of LCD screens and high definition television, you would have seen that a lot of manufacturers have been getting their marketing department to use the word OLED.

What is OLED?

If you want to educate yourself, you need to look at organic light emitting diodes (OLED). This is about the technology used to get high definition display into smaller devices like iPhones and android cell phones, tablets and HD TV. You will expect the same technology in the so-called “retina” display on the new iPad. Contrary to popular belief, this technology has been around since early 2000. Now that you know what it means, you should feel that your life has been improved and you can begin to live.

Do you really need a bigger display on the new iPhone? The basic idea behind mobile devices is to be able to carry them around without feeling that you are carrying a burden. It is true that those who do not want to buy the new iPad will likely appreciate having a 4.6 inch iPhone. That said, you will have to wait until Apple decides what to do. If the new phon gets bigger, it will eventually start to feel like an iPad which will ultimately defeat the purpose. Apple could decide to use every single

Would you buy the iPhone if it were to come with a bigger display screen at 4 to 6 inches just like the Samsung galaxy? Of course you wouldbecause you are a true Apple fan and anything that comes from the fruit company is a blessing. For some people, Apple can never go wrong. That is why the company keeps growing and it has a lot of cash to spend and invest in giving the world one of the slickest “must haves” gadgets of our times.