Will Smith is one of the biggest names in entertainment. His talents are diverse, and his presence in films draws critical acclaim. A couple of generations (and counting) enjoy repeat episodes of his television show. Millions of people have and continue to enjoy the performer’s music. Music was what propelled Smith to fame, launching him into other types of entertainment. In addition to Smith's career, his offspring are paving the way for a “fresh” generation of talent (pun intended). Besides Jaden Smith, who has practically mirrored his father with forays into both acting and rapping (among other things), Willow Smith has also made a name for herself.

In comparison with her father, she also plunged into both acting and music at a young age, even if it was in opposite directions. She started acting in films such as “I Am Legend” and even did “An American Girl” film. Following her acting career, she made an official debut into music by releasing a single called “Whip My Hair” in 2010. I had the privilege of watching her perform on the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve Special for 2010-2011. She definitely sets trends for fashion and doesn’t care about any critics. I thought it was more than a coincidence when the producers of the show compared a debut performance from her father in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s: he did one of his biggest rap hits. Little did he know that about two decades later, his daughter would perform on the same show, singing a musical creation that helped introduce the world to her unique talents.

One of the main reasons why I like both Will Smith and his daughter is the fact that they both keep their music as clean as possible: curse words are hard to find in their creations that are offered up to the public. The entire Smith family has strived to promote family values, even before they were an official family unit. Just as Will's career took off for the better (multiple awards can attest to this fact), Willow's first music single peaked and stayed within the top 15 songs of the Billboard. Sure, even as a Christian, I can't endorse every single song or movie that Will has done. However, it’s comforting to know that I can endorse the majority of them all. As his kids’ careers continue to flourish, all I can hope is that Willow will realize the sense of morality that her father has attempted to convey to her, her family and the general public. Then, and only then will father and daughter truly be alike - and that part matters more than anything else, especially in this particular case.