Remember the days when bright orange and wild olive green were found in almost every house around? It was a long time ago but in the 60's and 70's these colors among others were extremely popular. Even now you can walk into many older homes and find faded but still wild colors for the decor. Today many people see those old colors on TV reruns or in old magazines and recoil. What is it about those colors that make us look the other way? My grandfather lives in a house that still has an old bright olive green shag style carpet. It really is not that bad looking. And I remember a house my parents rented for a few years in Oregon that had bright orange carpets though out the house. I am sure that many of us have had some experiences similar to mine in the house we lived in.

Today it seems that most carpets we find in homes are neutral, or beige tones. These are good colors but does it say something about our personalities? In my opinion the decor of a house and carpet if you have it; should reflect your personality. If that were true then we might find that a lot of us are boring and uninteresting. Of course some neutral colors also give the impression that we are calm or maybe even comfortable with ourselves. Where as if we had a bright colored carpet and color scheme it would show off our fun side more. We can be daring or adventurous. Of course there is the question of what happens to our furniture if we do have these more adventurous carpets. There is a lot to consider if we were to switch back to these colors of the past.

Not all is lost though because recently there has been a small resurgence of past designs and color choices. It all comes down to what you want. Think about the room you wish to carpet and the type of "temperature" you would like to convey in that space. In other words, would you like the room to feel Warmer or Cooler? Your color schemes for this consideration follow the elemental colors. Fire and Earth tones - reds, yellows, oranges, browns, dark greens - make a room feel warmer. Water and Air tones - blues, grays, greens, whites - make a room feel cooler. So it just depends on how you are feeling. Will these colors come back with a vengeance? Probably not.

Even if that is the case why not express yourself with something new and different. Take a walk on the wild side as they say. You are sure to get attention and maybe even will be looked with having good taste and a sense of adventure. Of course it could backfire and scare everyone away as well. The world is an ever changing adventure and I am sure that one day we will once again see those styles of the past reinvent themselves in fashion and design. For now I will stick to hardwood floors and natural tile. If I did need a carpet or rug though I think I might try some natural oranges and rust colors to complement the natural hardwood floors I wood love to have in my own house. Well, I think that is enough of carpets for now. We will have to see what next year brings us in the way of fashion and design. Until then enjoy the wide selection out there when you need new carpet and if possible check out the styles of the past and see if they might bring life into your new design.