Jelly Watch Queen Tells All:

Being the Jelly Watch Queen I've got a confession. Contrary to popular belief, there's times when I actually go out with little on my wrist apart from a slim bangle, leaving my newest Toy Watch on top of the bureau. This has me questioning; In the age of mobile phones and products which double for telling the time, exactly what is the reason for wearing a watch? Might this fashion item endure in the future decades?

Here are a couple the reason why I think wrist watches definitely will last as a style and fashion accessory:

Style for Shy Guys

For guys that are pretty traditional with regards to their style, a wrist watch is a fashion choice they can wear without having to be self-conscious. For a lot of men, a wrist watch is seen as a practical bit of hardware rather than a frivolous bit of jewelry. The choice of sporting a bright colored Jelly Watch or Ice Watch helps a guy bring a touch color into an otherwise conventional business attire while not rocking the fashion boat.

Check the time without being Rude

When in a business meeting, social gathering or date, verifying the time on a watch is discrete and polite compared to pulling out an iPhone or Smart phone. Barely shifting the wrist and eyes, it's possible to tell the time on a wristwatch without having to be impolite.

Safer when out on the Road

Riding a bicycle, motorcycle or driving a car, you'll find it far less hazardous to take a look at your wrist to get a brief time check as opposed to to taking a mobile phone out of your pocket. When I'm out riding my bike  my reliable Sport Watch is generally there on my left wrist exactly where I can easily see it. On busy city streets, taking out my Apple iPhone to check the time would be near suicidal.

Water Proof!

Regrettably, I have dropped my mobile device in the toilet not once, but three times. Every time, tromping over to the neighborhood T-mobile seller to purchase another. On the other hand my present favorite sport watch, a Momentum M1 is wonderful for dives to 660 feet!


With all our improvements and continuous technological advances, it's great to wear a device which harkens back to the mechanised era. The watch has a lengthy history going back to the the later part of 1800s. I'm extremely keen on mechanical things and despite the fact that nearly all of my wrist watches tend to be digital, I have a couple of much-loved wind-up wrist watches in my collection.

I'm certain that the wrist watch will carry on as a timeless fashion accent that will thrive for a long time to come. In the mean-time I'm afraid that I have to fork out a bit of cash to replace my water-logged mobile phone.

man checking watch
Credit: istock images