The "Marina", or as it is called now, Willow Bay, provides a lot of summer entertainment for families. Willow Bay in American Falls Idaho has a lot to offer families. Willow Bay is not my favorite place to fish or camp, even though you can do both activities there. Willow Bay is a place I love to eat at. They have a restaurant on the beach that has great food. The sausage burger is my favorite!

Here are some of the activities that you may enjoy at Willow Bay.

Sausage Burger
Order a sausage burger up at the Willow Bay restaurant. It is simply a hamburger that is made with sausage instead of ground beef. Simple yet very delectable.

If you like to snap photographs of seagulls and boats then Willow Bay is a fun place to bring your camera. You will see a lot of water skiing action you can snap pictures of.

You will also have the opportunity to take some pictures of trains that's pass by. The Union Pacific railroad constantly has trains passing on the outskirts of the Willow Bay area. If you like photographing trains then you may be able to do it from your camp site.

Bicycles are great to bring with you to ride around the Willow Bay Recreation Area.

Willow Bay is a popular place for boating. The American Falls Reservoir is a popular place for boating activities. You will always find a few fisherman but recreational boaters always seem to outnumber the boats with fisherman on them.

If you have a boat you may want to pay for a campsite at Willow Bay. You can easily boat all day, come to your campsite for lunch or even eat at the Willow Bay restaurant, and then head back to your boating on the Snake Rive Reservoir.

Willow Bay has a lot of paid camping available. If you do camp at Willow Bay I suggest you bring at least a pop up tent trailer. The shade is very limited and if the summer temperatures are high you will be hot as heck.

Willow Bay offers full hook ups for RVs. You can also dump you septic sewer.

There are a couple of softball diamonds at Willow Bay. During the summer time there are ample opportunities for you to watch some of the local softball games. If you enjoy watching adult softball leagues then you will be near the action.

The sandy beaches of American Falls Idaho! HAHAHA, not the ocean but the closest we got in this neck of the woods. The water can be extremely cold at times but if it is a hot summer day there is no better way of cooling off then swimming in the American Falls reservoir down at Willow Bay.

You can always fish at Willow Bay. Sometimes you may actually catch something. You do not have to have a boat to fish, but at time sit sure can help. In the winter time, you can go ice fishing out at Willow Bay on the Snake River Reservoir. Some people claim it is easier to ice fish the upper Reservoir then it is too fish it in the summer time.

If you are not having any luck fishing at Willow Bay you can always head to the other side of the American Falls Dam and fish below it. You will have more opportunities to catch fish on the bottom side of the Dam.

American Falls Idaho has a lot of fun outdoor summer recreational activities available. Willow Bay is popular with softball players, families who want to swim in the water for free, boaters, and old farts who like to have their morning coffee at the Willow Bay restaurant.