There are few things that bring the meaning of Christmas home than a nativity set, and a Willow Tree nativity set is extra special. It feels peaceful and serene, and yet modern and undoubtedly artistic. It gives you, your family, and your guests an unparalleled reminder of the beauty and specialness of the holiday. Here you'll learn more about this Christmas work of art, including hearing from Susan Lordi, the artist herself, and getting an idea on prices from retailers.

A Willow Tree Nativity Set: Crafting Meaning For The Season

Willow Tree 25 Piece Nativity Set

A long-held tradition by Christians all over the world is featuring a Christmas nativity set in the home during the holidays. Nativity sets are a lovely reminder of why Christmas is celebrated in the first place. They depict the newborn Christ child, Mary, Joseph, and the Three Kings surrounded by earthly farm animals and heavenly angels. It's the well-known scene heralded in the Bible and brought to life through story and music alike during the holidays.

There are hundreds of varieties of nativity sets available on the market, but one of the most special of all is the Willow Tree nativity set. The company Willow Tree is well-known for its beautiful sets of sculpted figurines, all from the artist Susan Lordi. Her style is simple. clean, and modern feeling. Much more modern than many sets available, and yet perfectly suited for any style home or holiday decor.

Each piece is a quality mold of the original hand-crafted figurine. They are hand-painted, giving the entire set an artisan appeal. And the designs themselves are very personal to Ms. Lordi. She's taken great pains to craft a nativity scene that celebrates its roots and yet adds more to the story. It's all in the details. In the video below, she talks about some of her artistic choices, including having Mary holding the newborn Jesus instead of placing him in a manger.

Collecting Willow Tree Nativity Set Pieces

Willow Tree Nativity Sets by Susan LordiNativity sets make great collectibles, and Willow Tree's is no different. There are many set varieties from which you can begin your collection. A basic six-piece set is the most common entry point. It features Mary holding the baby Jesus, Joseph, and multiple farm animals. Or you can opt for a larger set of up to twenty-five pieces. Each figurine is also available individually, so even if you opt for the six-piece set, you can work your way season-to-season to the full collection. In this way, Willow Tree nativity figurines make great gifts. Each year, you can add another to the collection for the loved ones in your life.

Plus, Willow Tree has hundreds of other figurines (including many great individual angel figurines) that can be used to accent and differentiate your nativity set look. Your set never has to stop growing in beauty!

Willow Tree Nativity Set
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Willow Tree Nativity Set Prices

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship Figurine

A basic six piece nativity set normally will cost around $75, and around the holidays you can find sales that lower that cost quite a bit. Larger sets range from $200 for a fourteen piece set to over $400 for a twenty-four piece scene. Individual pieces range from $20 to $50. It's an investment, but one you can approach bit by bit if your budget is currently tight.

No matter if you buy a few at a time or a more complete series, Willow Tree nativity sets are scenes of beauty that can really add meaning to your Christmas decorations. Its high quality and modern design fit nearly any decor motif and never grow out of style. You and your family can enjoy them for generations to come.