What is Will's Wish?

A Charity for Will

 I normally become quite desensitized to all the charity and people asking for things nowadays. One that still gets me every time is children. When a child needs help it is out of innocence and they still do not ask themselves. They battle through their illnesses and disabilities with the biggest smile on their faces and a resilience to life that could teach us adults a thing or two.

Will's Wish Charity


Will is a little boy in Britain that is 4 years old. Will did not find out straight away when he was born, that he has Cerebral Palsy, having to do stretching exercises every day. His mummy Michaela also has a small baby to look after, and does so at a young age, being in her early 20's.

Will has a very loving family, he lives with his mummy Michaela for half of the week, and daddy James for the other half of the week. Unfortunately no family ever expect to have to find the money for this sort of incident. They just need a little good Karma from people over the world.


He is a very clever boy and has worked hard to prove doctors wrong. crawling and then walking when the doctors told his mummy and daddy James, that he would not do so. He used Makaton when he could not talk, and then worked harder to get to speak like every one else.



Well, if Will can get to America, he can have an operation that will stop him having to wear his splints every day. It would also stop Will having to do the stretching exercises every day, which sometimes hurt him so much.

A small bit of help from a lot of people would be gratefully received. Let us all get Will to America whilst he is still young enough to have some childhood play fullness after getting the operation.


Here is where you can donate. At the bottom of the article in the link is a proper charity donation link. Just giving Will's wish.


To read more about Will's plea, read the article in his local paper. Here.