Wouldn't it be great to win free money playing games? There has always been the casino, which can be optimized for the best payout, but more likely than not you'll still leave a loser. Thankfully, a relatively new website called Moola hMoola logoas entered the scene. It's a no-risk gaming website where you can leave with over $10 million in cash just by playing games! It's worth noting, however, that the likelihood of getting anywhere close to $10 million is virtually nothing, but you can still get lucky and get a good hunk of "moola" from Moola.com.

How do I sign up?
To register for Moola, simply visit their website at moola.com. It is without a doubt one of the best designed websites I have come across. The slick interface guides you through registration easily and makes sure you understand how it works, so you can quickly begin your quest to win free money playing games.

What's the catch?
Of course, they aren't just giving you this money, but it is virtually catch-free. The only requirement is you have to watch a 30-second advertisement before you play each game. They get the money they use to pay players through advertising. You don't have to give them any financial information, and you never lose any of your money trying to win free money playing games at Moola.

All right, I have my account. How do I start playing?
Whenever you have a balance of $0, Moola will give you a free penny to get Moola gives you a free penny every timestarted! When you play games, you wager money, and are matched against an opponent who will also be wagering the same amount. Whoever wins the game takes his or her opponent's money. It's a very fun, competitive way to win free money playing games!

How do I play Hi-Lo?
The website will first suggest you play a game of Hi-Lo. If you have ever seen the gameshow Card Sharks, it works essentially like that. Each player starts with 4 lives, and the first card is always the 2 of hearts. On each turn, you and your opponent select whether you think the next card will be higher or Hi-Lolower. If you're right, you keep advancing down the line of cards. If you're wrong, you lose a life and have to start all over again!

Thankfully, you also have the choice to lock or lock & change your card. When you lock a card in place, you lose a life, but if you get a card wrong later, you will go back to the latest locked card instead of the beginning. This makes recovering from a mistake much, much easier. Also, with lock & change, you can get rid of a mid-range card in hopes of getting a better card, and also lock in place.

Practice playing this game and develop your own personal strategy of when to play it safe and when to risk it!

How do I play Ro Sham Bo Fu?
Ro Sham Bo Fu is a glorified version of rock-paper-scissors, with a twist that makes it a little more than just guessing and psychology. The game is played in six rounds, and you earn stripes for beating your opponent. However, the Sensei's Challenge will give you a bonus if you do not select one of the threeRo Sham Bo Fu weapons, win or lose. In the case of a tie, the bonus grows and carries over to the next round, raising the stakes. Thus, in addition to trying to figure out your opponent's game pattern, you must also consider whether to obey the sensei or not for the added bonus stripes.

Although it may require less fundamental strategy than Hi-Lo and Gold Rush, Ro Sham Bo Fu is a pretty fun way to win free money playing games, and is quite possibly my favorite of three games available on Moola. The fast-paced action and quirky animations that appear on occasion make it a very enjoyable experience.

How do I play Gold Rush?
Gold Rush is a wagering game in which the goal is to be the first player to reach 32 pounds of gold. The mine will spit out a hunk of gold onto the center of the teeter-totter that is valued 1-6 pounds. You then place your wager on your side, and your opponent places his on his side. Whoever has the larger wager wins all three gold hunks on the teeter-totter. In the event of a tie, all three go to the center and add to the pot for the next round.Gold rush

The game is one that requires close examination of your opponent's stones. The best way to make money playing this game is to try and ensure that you keep ahead of your opponent in terms of large stones, especially your 6. Use it only when you're sure you can keep getting enough pounds of gold to take you to the 32 pound victory requirement.

How do I cash out?
Moola has implemented a savings system that holds all the money you win playing free games. In your settings there is a slider that determines how much of your winnings go to savings. You can raise and lower this, as well as manually deposit your winnings into savings to be cashed out. Once money is in savings, it cannot be taken back out to be played with.

Moola has a verification system that allows you to get a Moola Visa check card. If you get one of these, you can cashout with no fees added directly onto the card. Moola also pays via check and PayPal, but fees may apply.

Referral System
Why play Moola alone? Moola has implemented a friend invitation system, and for each friend that signs up, you get a percentage of their wins! This way, not only can you easily find people you know to play with, but you can also win money on Moola doing absolutely nothing!

Although it probably won't make you a millionaire, Moola.com is definitely worth the shot since there is simply no risk involved! Just for watching advertisements, you can win free money playing games on Moola with your friends. The simple registration process makes it easy, and the games are quite addicting. Have fun and good luck!