Year around, most people want to win a car. 2013 is no different. There are a host of win a car competitions both online and offline everywhere you look around. But in my opinion the most fun way to win a car, would have to be at your local auto show.

Most people all over the US live near major auto shows, so whether you live near New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Dallas, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Houston, Dallas, Seattle etc., you CAN find a 2012 auto show to win a car. In fact the beginning of the year, starts off many exciting car competitions for 2013.

 How Do You Find Out About Car Competitions at Auto Shows?Bughatti Concept Car 2012

 The best way to find out about a car competition at your local auto show in 2013, is to keep your eyes and ears peeled toward the beginning of the year. Your local media -TV and radio will do major coverings too. You can even do some internet searching for car shows in 2013 near you. Again, auto shows typically begin in January and some don't start until early spring and summer. But there are always car competitions to enter. (picured right - bughatti 2013 concept car - FYI, you won't be winning this at any auto shows anytime soon.)

 Car Competition Raffles & Car Contests

In my area in 2012, there are typically two types of car competitions at the auto shows – and I live near three major cities each hosting their own auto show and car competitions.

 First there are your regular raffles. They typically only require you to provide your contact information and you get a chance to win a new car. Now don't get your hopes up, you'll never in this life win a concept car. That's my dream, actually too. But concept cars aren't made for driving, they're just to make you and I drool, if you didn't know.

 The second kind of car competition is the one that involves doing something, like touching a car for a long period of time, with few to no bathroom breaks. These car competitions usually run for the length of the car show, say one weekend. Now if this doesn't sound like fun to you, just imagine driving around in a new car for 2013 and all you had to do was continuously hang on to the bumper of a 2013 Nissan Maxima for three days.

 Are you having fun yet imagining this?

Then you get to tell your mother that you weren't crazy for trying to win a 2013 car. And that your bladder is still even in tact, from having restricted bathroom breaks.

 Seriously, winning in 2013 is possible. Again you can do this online with some reputable sites, but I think the most fun way to win a car competition is to actually go to an auto show. If you don't have the stamina to hang around on or touching a 2013 bumper all day just to win a car, you can always enter a car sweepstakes. I don't know of anyone whose ever won a car sweepstakes but I'm sure it happens.

 What's the downside of a Car Competition?

 The biggest downside is that IF you win a brand new 2013 car, you'll have to pay taxes on your winnings. Typically, these competitions don't cover the cost of the taxes – remember the Oprah show, circa five years ago, when people were livid for winning an automobile and not being given the money to pay the taxes?

 Well I do.

People complained for what it seemed like months. So just be warned that most win a car competitions don't give you money to pay the car taxes. Also maybe pray you don't win a Lamborghini or anything. The taxes on a six figure car might depress you and me for that matter.

 Have you ever won an auto competition? Do you plan on entering any win a car 2013 contests?