Roulette can be very intimidating and confusing to those that have never played, with all the numbers and betting options. Learning the basics is very easy and can be mastered in just a few hours. . The following will walk you through the steps from the time you first sit down to Roulette Wheelwalking away when you're done and this is also a very reliable strategy to help you win at roulette.

The first thing you will do when you sit at a roulette table is to decide what amount you will be playing with. Lay your cash on the table in front of you and the dealer with convert it to chips of a certain color. You will be the only person at that table with that color chips. Your chips will have a dollar value that you choose one, five, ten, or twenty five being the most common. Now it's betting time get ready for you're first win at roulette.

Betting Time

One of the easiest bets to make is the simple red or black. It just so happens this is also a bet that can be just as easy to win and winning will pay out 2 to1. Each number on the betting surface is one of three colors. Zero and double zero are green; everything else is either red or black. To bet on red or black simply place chips on the box or area that is either red or black. Now the dealer will roll the ball on the wheel and the number it lands on is the Betting Tablewinning number and what ever color it is is the winning color. So if the ball lands on a red number red wins and black loses. If the ball lands on zero or double zero red and black both lose.

To get the hang of the betting process just start placing the minimum bet on either red or black. The minimum bet will be posted next to the wheel if you do not see it just ask the dealer. After the dealer rolls the ball and the ball stops on a number the dealer will then mark that number on the table with a glass marker. This is when the winners will be paid and the losing bets will be pulled from the table. While the marker is on the table no one but the dealer can touch the chips on the betting surface. Once the dealer removes the marker the whole process starts over.

You do not have to bet on every roll but if you skip to many in a row and they are busy they my ask you to start placing bets or leave the table. If you're going to skip a turn try to only skip one at a time. The reason you would skip a turn is to save you're money for a bet when the odds are a little more in your favor. That's were the strategy comes in to win at roulette.

Win at Roulette

Playing RouletteNow that you're getting the rhythm of the game, you want to start paying attention to the winning number board. On this board are all the numbers that have won in order. What you are looking for is a streak of numbers the same color. After a streak of at least four you need to bet the opposite color, the more the numbers in the streak the better your odds of winner. When this streak happens you want to up your bet. If you lose on this turn all is not lost all you need to do is bet the same color again but you need to double the amount of the first bet. This does two thing first it increases the number in the streak bettering your odds even more and second by doubling you're bet it covers the loss of the first bet. You can use this as many times as is takes to win. After doing this for a while you will start to see different patterns and be able to take advantage of them. Just remember there is no sure thing to win at roulette but these tips will help. Now that you know the basics you can start learning all the other ways bet and win. Good Luck!!