trampoline jumpMany people are struggling with their weight every day. Many have tried different diets and succeeded momentarily. After a while, the weight starts to crawl back in because of lack of physical activity. And so with their diets, many people faithfully exercise. At first, they are very enthusiastic, but eventually, they find that they've become bored with their usual routine. In effect, they stop exercising altogether. If you can relate to these situations, then this article is for you. There's a new and quite unconventional way that you can lose the extra pounds without having to struggle with boring exercise routines with your diet. Now you can jump your way to a healthier, slimmer physique with an exercise trampoline.

Jumping Packs Serious Calorie Burn

Seeing people jump on a trampoline may give you the impression that it's just a very simple activity, and therefore, it's not something that can warrant huge calorie burns. Many people have this notion that exercise is boring and painful, and so seeing the happy faces of those leaping up and down on a trampoline is enough evidence of its non-existent effects. But it turns out that jumping is not that simple. It's a complex physical activity that can be intense enough to burn a huge number of calories!

The muscles are one of the caloric furnaces of the body. When one works and moves a muscle to the point of fatigue, they burn a lot of calories. Similarly, as they develop and become sturdier, they start to work overtime as they burn a lot more calories.

When you jump, you engage your leg muscles. The leg muscles are the largest muscle group in the body. Since you use the largest group, you can expect that its caloric burn is also large. Once the muscles develop and become stronger due to regular jumping, your metabolism becomes faster. Jumping on an exercise trampoline works your leg muscles in such intensity without you having to find fatigue and boredom. Other than having nicely shaped legs, you'd have a high metabolism rate. What's good is the fact that the ankles, foot and legs are relatively protected by the rebounding action of your body. The impact is lessened by trampoline surface.

Is this for the Legs Only?

Of course not! There are many exercises that are designed especially for the trampoline that not only make your legs work, but also your whole body! There are trampoline jumping styles that involve arm, chest and trunk movements which add to the intensity factor of the jumping exercise.

Because bouncing on the trampoline is very enjoyable, you won't even notice the time! You'll end up wanting to exercise every time you're free.

Trampolines are a good form of cardio and strength without the boredom and risk of injury. The exercise trampoline can be a very good addition to anybody's backyard or front yard. Always remember that you should consult your doctor before engaging in an exercise program like this.