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What exactly is wind energy you might ask? It is an abundant, clean, renewable energy source. It is the wave of the future in the power technology industry. What started out over 5,500 year ago as a source of energy to power sailboats has evolved to a major producer of energy for many countries. It is the technology that is rapidly replacing our dependence on foreign countries for our energy sources. What are some of the interesting wind energy facts about this up and coming technology.

Wind Energy Facts:

1. Wind energy is non-dispatch able. This means that is cannot be controlled by operators and any available power must be taken when it become available.

2. Wind energy has been used by people for over 5,500 years. It was first used to power sailboats and ship sails.

3. Wind energy enabled the expansion of the rail system throughout the world via the Steam locomotive.

4. In 1979, Danish manufactures started the wind turbine industry. Since then they have grown exponentially. Vestas, one of many Danish manufactures just secured orders for wind powered turbines in Poland and Norway.

5. Even though the concept of wind energy is gaining worldwide popularity, currently it delivers less that 1 percent of energy consumption.

6. Because of concerns of environmental impact that wind turbines can have on birds and bats, a research company in New Hampshire just patented it's first bladeless wind turbine.

7. For a little over a $1,300 bucks you can purchase your own wind turbine to known as the Wind Max to compliment your other power resources for your home. It can be found at Amazon.

8. Google has invested over $38 million in two wind farms in North Dakota. These wind farms have the capabilities to light up 55,000 homes.

9. A Rose Wind Turbine is a portable device that can fit into the trunk of your car. A quiet wind turbine is completely transportable and is available for personal use.

10. The French company MDI has a new production of air cars lined up called the Mini-Cats that runs off a compressed air engine. There current production designs include the Air Pod, One Flow Air, Mini Flow Air, City Flow Air, and Multi Flow Air.

After considering the global use in wind energy turbines, this makes for a smart investment in your stock portfolio. This industry should continue to grow throughout the 21st century. The most important thing to consider about the wind energy facts is that this technology has finally has caught on and that it is here to stay.

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