A promising means of alternative energy can be found in the wind. If your situation is like millions of others who need a constant source of power for your home, farm, ranch, or rural business you will do well to look into wind power as a source for all your needs. Wind power can be the resolution to many of the planet’s energy crisis issues as it has a free and consistent supply nearly everywhere and will save money as well as take the user off the grid as far as using conventional energy. Both wind and solar power are the coming thing as far as energy sources are concerned.

Wind energy can easily be harnessed using a wind power generator – and that is especially great since it can be done for a measly cost of $100. You can build a Wind Power Generator YOURSELF and put it up in no time for such a low cost. And this will slash your electricity prices like never before.

Install Your Own Wind Power Generator


A wind power system is an excellent alternative but does have a few restrictions. Harnessing that readily available source is possible if you have the space to install (or have installed) wind turbines. The wind source needs to be around 11 miles per hour and this can be accessed 24 hours per day with no need for daylight or obtaining energy from the sun.

Harnessing the wind may best be accomplished with “wind farms” where large open areas can be used to install many wind turbines that can pool the resource. This is already being done throughout the world and proving to be a highly effective alternative source of energy for our planet.

For most domestic uses the gentle breeze present in the air is enough for most wind energy generators of household purposes. The blades of the home wind turbine “submit” these to the battery that store the energy in form of charge and you can use it as and when needed.

How can we take advantage of the wind energy?

1)Those who have large properties (at least one acre) can benefit from wind power when they use at least one wind turbine to generate their energy, storing what they don’t need today or outsourcing it back to their electric service provider. Typically electric companies love getting a boost to their sources by trading back energy that customers do not need.

2) If there is need to draw water, as in a water well, all that is needed is a wind turbine fan to draw it up from the local ground source. Working like a private well, this method can provide a readily available water source for those not on a local city or county water provider, making your water free and always clean and clear.

3) Wind speeds of at least 11 miles per hour are required to gain a consistent supply of fresh water but when wind is up water can be stored for use and later will be available when wind speeds are low. The size of an efficient and economical water turbine (also called wind mills and wind generators) makes it necessary to situate them on larger properties but many communities now have “wind farms” in place, utilizing dozens if not hundreds of wind generators to gather power from the source that is clean and free, the wind.

4) When your home or business needs a consistent uninterrupted and reliable source of energy, and wish to avoid power outages that can happen with conventional electricity suppliers, consider wind power for a clean and reliable source.

5) The source of readily available power that is found in wind power is the cleanest and most natural way to gain all the power you will ever need. A wind turbine generally consists of a tower and three to five blades. The tower’s height depends upon how high the most consistent wind source is found and blade size and count will determine how effective that generator can be. Wide blades will gather more wind and while turning slowly they bring in energy to be stored for use.

It makes good sense to harness the free sources of energy for electricity and other power requirements. Wind energy and solar energy are great sources and can be harnessed with a moderate investment and a little common sense. The money invested is easily recovered in form saved electricity and cooking gas bills. Learn how to build a wind power generator for just $100 and save lots of good money from leaking into the monthly bills bucket.

Install Your Own Wind Power Generator