For those who don't know, The Dark Tower series is essentially Stephen King's more modern day (sorta) version of a Lord of the Rings type epic. It took place over the course of seven books and was very popular among many fans, even generating a lot of interest in a transition to movies and/ or television. However, earlier this year (eight years after the conclusion of the series), a new novel (The Wind Through The Keyhole) was released as part of the overall story. The thing that makes this a little more jarring is that this new story takes place between the fourth and originally fifth book of the series. And I have not gotten the chance to read it yet myself, but it seems that the main characters from the other books don't play a big part in this one. However, it's been said by critics that this book is a necesary bridge between the two in which it is intended.

So, what does all this mean for the film or television versions of the story? This was already a long story to begin with and one which was having a lot of trouble getting all the funding and backing in general to do the books justice. In fact, everything had been cancelled more than once. I've heard that work is being done to get the project off the ground again, but with this new book making the overall story even longer than before, what effect might this have? The producers and writers could simply choose to ignore the most recent book. Or they could push hard to get it included in the plans. Either way, it makes me wonder if this can have anything other than a negative affect toward getting things going again.

If done right, I think the dark tower series could be among the greatest we've ever seen in whatever medium it makes it to whether it be full out movies or television series. It's like Lord of the Rings meets the wild wild west meets the Twilight Zone. There is just so much there. And if you're a fan of King's other works, and assuming those points in the stories remain intact in a new medium, there are all kinds of special little goodies in the series for you. This series has spanned King's writing career, the first book "The Gunslinger" having been written when he was just nineteen years old. It's one of those things that whether you love it or you have a lot of problems with it, it's probably best that it be shown as close to its entirety as possible in any medium. Otherwise things just don't make sense.