Windbrella How to choose an umbrella that will withstand the winds

How many umbrellas do you buy in a lifetime? Most people have bought a new umbrella every year. At times some people buy them more than once a year. How many times have you forgotten your umbrella in a bus, train, taxi or at a friend's house? That is obviously good news for makers of umbrellas. There are other problems with umbrellas. The small and flimsy umbrellas will get twisted in the wind and heavy rain. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Windbrella to the rescue?

Have you heard about Windbrellas? If you took the time to analyze the name you will quickly figure out what it is supposed to do. The Windbrella is supposed to protect you from the wind, rain and sun. That being said, the Windbrella is designed to withstand heavy winds. We are not talking about Hurricanes and tornados. If that was the case, the makers of the windbrella would have been given a Nobel award for saving lives. The windbrella will only withstand your regular wind and rain. They are curved inwards to allow better protection and prevent the wind from tearing your umbrella or windbrella apart.

Why should buy a Windbrella.

The good thing about the Windbrella is the size. Don't you just hate it when it rains and your lower body is wet? For those who have a big bottom, regular umbrellas might not do you much good. The size of the windbrella is an advantage as you get a better protection from the elements.

How much does the Windbrella cost?

If you want the regular umbrellas, you can get the Windbrella for about $30. If you want a large Windbrella for your patio, it will cost about $200 to $300 dollars. Yes, size does matter and it cost a little bit more.

What else can you do with your windbrella?

Well you can do basically everything a regular umbrella can do with your windbrella. That is to say you can use it as a parasol when enjoying a sun tan; laugh at others when the wind blows of their umbrellas; go out with confident because you know that you are in good hands. On the other hand, the windbrella might not come in handy if you live in a location where there is virtually no wind. That is to say that you live in a cave. Others might not like the windbrella because of the size. If you don't like to log around the huge umbrella called windbrella, you should stick to the small ones that you are already used to. You might have to buy them on a regular basis but that is the price you pay for less weight.