Windmills of the Gods is a thriller and mystery written by Sidney Sheldon. The protagonist is Mary Ashley, an ordinary US citizen without any diplomatic experience. Her intense interest on Romanian and other Eastern European Studies has eventually led to her ambassadorship in Romania. Her new position plays a critical role for the new elect president's international agenda, which in turn stirs up differing ideologies from some key players in politics. Because of that, Mary finds herself dealing against a conspiracy that may cost her life


Paul Ellison is elected as new president of the United States. His main agenda in foreign affairs is to improve US ties with the Iron Curtain countries, and Romania is his starting point. Many key people from US and Iron Countries regard the movement as a threat to their respective interests. To resolve this, the two sides form an alliance to prevent the success of the ambassadorship.
Mary Ashley is a professor of Eastern European Studies and is a descendant of a Romanian national. Her book regarding the Iron Curtain countries holds so much similarities with the president's beliefs, thus she is appointed as the new Romanian ambassador, despite having zero experience with diplomatic affairs.
After a brief period of orientation about her duties, she flies to Romania and occupies her post. Oddly, before she even begins work, her publicity over the US has gone far too well and her popularity quickly rises. As she starts her office in Romania, she senses a deep amount of antagonism from the very people under her command. 
Within a short time, just as her stint is turning out very well, an unknown group starts bombarding her with death threats and wants her out of Romania. She knows her life is in danger and she has to find out who is behind the assassination attempt.


Windmill of the Gods was a thriller based on world affairs and ambassadorship. I personally had little interest in politics. The book was passed down to me so I decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly interesting. I was able to see the life of an ambassador from an amateur's point of view. The character's zero background on diplomacy allowed me to connect with the story more. 
The characters in the story weren't necessarily likable. The protagonist was portrayed as an attractive and smart woman, but she could be careless and naive too. Rather than rooting for her, I focused on the events instead. The way the narration was laid down made me become curious for the next event to come. The novel was detailed enough to give me a glimpse of an ambassador's day-to-day duties but not to the point of boring me. There were some unexpected funny parts that made me chuckle. I had predicted part of the ending successfully but there were still some surprising twists in the story that didn't cross my mind.

As always, Sidney Sheldon's writing style was superb. I loved mystery and he was able to conceal the necessary elements of the story until the climax to make the book thrilling. He definitely knew how to hold back information and reveal it at the perfect moment. When the culprit was uncovered, many parts of the mystery fit into place, though not as perfectly in my opinion. But still, I find the book very entertaining to read.
Overall, it is a good read. You don't have to be a political buff in order to enjoy this. The storytelling is great and will make you keep turning the pages. If you like to curl up with a book that is both exciting and entertaining, then I suggest you try Windmills of the Gods.


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Windmills of the Gods
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Author: Sidney Sheldon
Genre: mystery, thriller
Pages: 434
Year: 1987