Metallic curtains are going to allow you to make a big impact with your window treatments. You don't just have to stick with cheap looking mini blinds if you’re on a budget. At the same time you want to make sure that you get pieces that aren’t going to be dated too quickly. Metallics are neutral while still having personality. With all of the faux silk trends around many fabrics have a metallic appearance, especially if it's gray.

Gold Curtains

Hallmarks of Elegance

One thing you may consider doing is going with a trendy pattern. Usually these metallic fabrics are just in solids but may have a border or valance where you'll find more color. Right now these are quite geometric but still feature an inexpensive polyester. Pleating and pintuck styles add texture. You can look for more of the feminine cottage design style of lattice print which is going to use intersecting wavy diamonds. However, you can also go with more of a structured Greek key design style, which will have a slightly traditional air to it as well. You might want to make sure that one of the contrasting tones is the same as your wall color so it's a nice contrast between the two finishes.

One of your more unusual options is going to be metallic curtains. You can even find these in a chocolate brown or more of an aged bronze material. Of course it's not going to be made out of actual metal. However brighter satins can really mimic this quite effectively. It can even have scrolling embroidery on it if you want to add a slightly feminine touch to it. This will usually be one of your most expensive options but is also one of your more opulent. Just trying to replicate metal is going to allow you to keep the faux silk window treatments that are so popular right now and get an entirely new look just by your color selection. Other metals that will work very well are going to be copper as well as pewter. These duller metals are going to be easier to replicate than bright gold and silver.

You also might want to do a few craft projects since this selection of colors tends to be quite limited. For instance curtain ideas for living rooms could be a fun valance. You could use rows and rows of pom-poms. You can make a valance or cornice box out of this. This is going to add a lot of life to just basic satin valances and it can even feel very Tuscan or a French country but it still has an air of whimsy too.


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Usually the only pattern you'll find will be a stripe. Just changing the direction of fabric can change the overall look. For instance, we are very used to seeing vertical stripes for curtain ideas. Just going with horizontal stripes is going to make it much more impactful. You do need to make sure that you go for quality items so the stripes are going to match from panel to panel, especially when they are closed.

Silver Curtains

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DIY Projects

Try going with a sentimental touch. You could even apply rose petals to curtains for more of a romantic look. If you use faux rose petals on your linens then this is a way that you can integrate it into your everyday decor. Polyester curtains are going to be your least expensive option for a curtain base. However, this is going to be one of the more extensive craft projects that you can do.

You can raid your button jar for interesting curtain ideas. This could just be something that you apply to tab top panels. It could be slightly modern if you did an entire stripe out of buttons. Another option would be to use this on a valance in a kids room and spell out names or letters.

You can also try out some craft projects. Instead of going with ruffle curtains that are so popular right now you may want to go with a simpler sewing project which would be a valance. This can just have several tiers of ruffles on it with the plainer panels underneath. This idea of texture really adds a lot of interest to just plain solid fabrics which can be very inexpensive but still gives you a designer look if you're willing to break out the sewing machine.

Opulent Fabrics That Are Easy to Clean

This can also really work within your theme. You may just want to try to go with bronze curtains. This is going to work really well for a rustic room and it's perfect if you can't afford more expensive upholstered furniture. You can still bring this material into your space on a budget. Even if it's just a faux silk it's going to be so unusual that it will still garner a lot of attention even though this is going to be fairly inexpensive.