Many people don't realize how important window curtains are. This is one of those things that most people take for granted until they are gone. Imagine all the curtains in your home, now imagine you wake up one day and they are all gone. Without them you will feel bare. Not only that but how would every room feel individually? They would look very empty indeed. What about in the summer when the sun is out, without your window dressings your home would be undesirably bright and also warmer.

In every room of the house a window curtain is very important. They protect you from being exposed to everyone outside especially at night when it's dark out and you have your lights on. Home wouldn't be home if everyone passing by can see you. How would you like to have your neighbors waving at you while you're napping on the sofa or on your bed? Are you convinced yet that hanging curtains up is important in every home?

Curtains keep the UV rays of the sun outside where it belongs and even with the curtains closed you still get enough sunlight coming in. If you like to keep the house dark like I do especially in the summer, you can buy some nice thick and heavy velvet curtains. My favorite is a navy blue or burgundy with lace or sheer window curtains underneath. You'd be surprise how dark you can make a room. Whenever you want to bring in some sun light all you need to do is crack it open a bit.

Buying the decorative rods could really complement the curtains and give character to any room. There are also many colors and styles of curtain rods. You don't have to settle for the basic old boring pole. If you can afford something a little more expensive then you should go for it. You'll be really happy you did so once you put it up. For more detailed information on different styles you can go to window curtains home.