Often homeowners who have period or antique sash windows in their homes are reluctant to add better window sash locks for fear of destroying the beauty of the window units. In this article we will look at some of the many questions that homeowners have on this issue and try to give these people information on how to improve the security of their homes.

  1. What is wrong with the window locks I already have?

The locks that were fitted onto timber sash windows in times past were very attractive and decorative to look at but they were and are not the most secure locks that you can get. In times past when burglaries were uncommon this was not so much of an issue. However, in these present times house breaking and entering has become much more prevalent and possible violent and it is important for you to keep your home and family as safe as possible.

  1. Where do I go about locating attractive sash window locks?

There is a variety of places that you can look for locks that would suit the old windows in your home. One place to commence your search would be in salvage yards. These places are absolute wonders and you can spend a very enjoyable afternoon looking for locks that might suit you and if you are lucky enough to find them, you might even get them at a bargain price.

However in a salvage yard or shop you could have difficulty in getting the correct amount of locks to correspond with the number of windows in your home.

In this case you could look online and get reproduction sash locks that will probably be cheaper and will also most likely be available in the numbers you require. The best place to start your search for these locks would be online, as they would be a specialised market and are unlikely to be found in a local store.

  1. What should I look out for when purchasing window locks?

There are three issues that need to be addressed if you want to get improved locks for your windows. Most importantly they need to be good quality locks that will effectively protect your home and family. Secondly they need to suit the style of your windows and be the correct size for the depth of the timbers in your sashes. Thirdly you should be able to purchase window locks at a reasonable price – even excellent quality window sash locks should not be so prohibitive as to stop you from getting the extra protection that you need.